New Audio Thursday – 28/07/11 – “The Joneses” Thursday …

Happy Thursday Hooligans!

I hope this post finds you well and that you’re ready to enjoy some great audio!

Kicking things off, we find out whose idea it was to let Corsair on the team again in :-
BETA FLIGHT : Episode 8 - Keeping Up With The Joneses, Part II
BETA FLIGHT : Episode 8 – “Keeping Up With The Joneses, Part II”

And rounding things off Conquering Isles, Plundering Suns, Inca treasure, mutants and PULP are in store in this week’s Swagcast :-
OTR SWAG CAST Season 3 – Episode 12 – Part 1

Hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoy making ….


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