BETA FLIGHT : Episode 8 – “Keeping Up With The Joneses, Part II”


Mach 5; destroyed … Emerald Knight; depowered … and a looming plot to infiltrate Beta Flight appears to be on the horizon. Only one question remains to be asked–who’s idea was it to let Corsair on the team again??

Featuring the voice talents of;

Matt Burden as OTOKO
Rich Frost as MAINFRAME
Donny Salvo as PHILL (and SVEN)
Rachael Styner as An-JELL-is
Adam Legend as ARC
Damaris Mannering as SHADOWSWORD
Paul Mannering as CORSAIR
MJ Cogburn as WOLF-GIRL
Robin Carlisle as DRAGONRYDER (and ELIZABETH)
Mike Sims as ROUTER
Mike Winters as MACH5
Ashley Yule as UPLOAD
Laura Freshette as JESSICA
Tanya Miloshevic as INGA

Post-production by Alan White

The original scores for this episode are by
Victor Stellar; “After The War”
David Beard; “Record and Erase 1”
SKiFfle; “Spacey” “Arpeggio 7”
Guardian Mix Mind; “Asian Sea”

“Tech Support Theme” by David A Krause
“No Compromise” by Pitbull Daycare
Permission obtained by Ken McLaughlin

The following Audio Drama is rated PG-13 (Persons Younger than 13 Should be Accompanied by an Adult). For more info:

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