New Audio Thursday 16/3/2017

WELCOME to New Audio Thursday!

Ten years old, ten years strong! For your listening pleasure we are proud to release a production ten (10) years in the making…!

follow Captain Bill Hollweg’s journey into the heart of darkness as he uncovers the mystery behind the audio cult leader known as Colonel MAK.

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2 Responses to New Audio Thursday 16/3/2017

  1. Kyle says:

    I know this isn’t the right page but it’s the most recent. The RSS feed for the first Planet of the Apes series is incomplete and doesn’t have the first couple episodes. I lost the old ones years ago when it was still on iTunes. I’m a huge fan and I hate going without it. Please.

    • Kyle says:

      Mr. Hollweg, Your RSS feed for your Planet of the Apes audio drama is missing the first couple episodes and so I can’t download them directly onto my phone, and you don’t have the original series on iTunes anymore. I really love POTA and I love how you’ve expanded everything into a massive audio drama series. I have asked for help a couple times in the last.

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