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Casting Call for Brokensea Audio Productions
The Thorne Chronicles ©

An original audio drama created and written by Alan Spencer

A pulp-noir style audio drama. In the post-WWII 1940s, the firm Thorne Investigations, lead by
Macy “Mace” Thorne and Dirk Davenport, get the strange hand-off jobs from the police in the

Washington, D.C. metro area. From missing senator’s dogs, to odd robberies, the pair of gum-
shoes have had plenty of interesting cases, specifically destined to NOT reach the front page of the newspaper. It’s what they are paid for – to keep it quiet.

But some things have an agenda all their own.

Main Cast:

Macy “Mace” Thorne: Mid-30s, Sultry voice, dry wit, intelligent. O.S.S. trained and worked behind the lines in Germany/Czechoslovakia during the war. Preferred weapons: 38 snub. Drinks single-malt scotch, smokes Chesterfield cigarettes from silver cigarette case. Zippo lighter. Father was a police officer killed under mysterious circumstances in 1930s New England. The brains/finance balance of the two.

Line 1:[Read as noir narrator]

Spring is an interesting time. Brings out all sorts of pests. Especially just after the sun sets.

In an upscale neighborhood of northeast, DC, another kind of pest cautiously approaches the garden window of the home of Mr. and Mrs. Randal Murdoc, Congressman from the state of Alabama.

Line 2: [business-like, then irritated]
I realize I’m not perfect – but if I can’t have my own washroom, why the hell did we fight that damn war?

Line 3: My name, sir, is Miss Thorne. And this is my partner, Mr. Davenport. What my partner and I can do is help you find your wife’s heirloom


Sgt. Mike (Mickey) Broadhead: DC Metro policemen, friends with Dirk. Gruff – but amiably so. 40s. Drinking buddy. Able to pass along certain information/cases.

Line 1: Got a job you might be interested in. Not really much of anything – just a stolen old family gem. Not worth much. Needs to stay all quiet though.

Line 2: Strange. Stranger still was where and how he was killed. How did that happen?

Line 3: We’re going to call it of “unnatural causes” for the moment. Can’t rule out suicide yet. Although how he would do it like that I have no idea.


Madam Mojo: Cajun accented. Voodoo/Hoodoo woman known to frequent the D.C. harbor markets. Think Tia Dalma/Calypso from Pirates of the Carribean but much older.

Line 1: No. I’m from Cajun county in the deep South. But that was many years ago now. The gypsies and I share some common forms of workings, but I am not one of them.

Line 2: [slightly annoyed, teaching]

Miss Thorne, I have information about everything. And everything in its time. But where and when that information unfolds to me, does so in its own time.

So let me to use my skills, as you use yours. And we shall see what we shall see.

Line 3: [chanting/channeling]

I come to herald the herald.
I come to awaken the sleeping.
I come to purge the awakened.
I come to purge the little deceivers.


Hugh Early: Washington businessman, scheming, ambitious. 50Yrs

Line 1: [haughty] I thought Mr. Davenport was the owner of the company, Miss Thorne. I’m not sure my needs for your services should involve a woman.

Line 2: [scheming] No. No. That’s fine. In fact, I might use that as an additional excuse for the government to accept my contract.


Jennifer Early: Wife of Hugh Early, tentative – but hidden strength 30yrs

Line 1: [determined/scared] [determined/scared] And Hugh must never find out about this! He said he’d divorce me if he ever found out.

Line 2: Oh, thank you! Thank you, Miss Thorne! I will go down there right now!


Mr. Gudman : Landlord, laughs off everything. 50Yrs.

Line 1: [lLandlord-ish] Ah, Miss Thorne. So glad you could come. This is my wife, Mrs. Gudman.

Line 2: [laughs it off] Oh, yes, indeed. Just send me another letter for my files. I have to pay taxes too, you know. We will get on that as soon as that letter arrives.


Mrs. Gudman : Wife of Mr. Gudman, over-dramatic. 50Yrs.

Line 1: Have you come to help find my little Whump-ums?

Line 2: Oh, Mr Whump-ums! You bad little puppy! You had momma so worried. Here’s a nice little treat for you.

Mr. Pulstin: eccentric engineer. Always pushing faster, as if his life depended on it. 30Yrs+

Line 1: [frayed] Oh … uh… thank you, General Cartwright. Dimensions. I mean …Oh my god. Look at the time.

Line 2: [confused] Pentagon? Um … oh, yes. I work there. … Um, did you happen to see some goggles? Steel-framed ones?


Seamus McGee : Irish accented Chesapeake Bay oyster trapper. 50Yrs

Line 1: [reminiscing] That Sammy Kaye can sing, eh Miss Starlight! Oh, I knows you is only a boat to some. But to me, you be my favorite bay company.

Line 2: [startled] Glory Be! What in Tara’s Hill is that!?!


Secretary to Mr. Hugh Early:

Line 1: A Miss Evelynn Towers to see you, sir.


Guard 1 : Local guard/PI hired by Randal Murdoc.

Line 1: Drop your weapon!


Policeman #1:

Line 1: Hold up folks. Sorry, we’re working a crime scene.


Larry the Doorman: Greeter 40yrs – 50yrs.

Line 1: [distant] Umm …hi …umm … Dirk.

Auditions are open until 8/15/2020.

If you are interested in auditioning for these parts, send an email to

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