One Moment Please…

In the month of July 2010, BrokenSea Audio Productions was taken offline by an exploit which compromised our hosting server as well as our website database. This exploit took the form of infectious malware being placed in to the website pages, potentially infecting any visitor with malicious code and redirecting our listeners to alternative websites.

In order to ensure that we did not cause harm to any of our constant listeners, we took the only steps we could at the time and brought our site down.  This marked the first time in four years that BrokenSea was unable to provide at least some new content on a weekly basis.  It also marked the beginning of what turned out to be a very long, difficult and expensive process.

With the assistance of the wonderful ChelPixie, we managed to root out the cause of the exploit, and possibly the perpetrator.  Additionally we were able to recover a great deal of our content which I initially believed to have been lost due to this situation.

We are striving to bring BrokenSea Audio Productions back on line shortly, but we will be doing so in a way that will allow us to ensure that we aren’t hit with another exploit in the future. We also want to make sure that the productions that are currently underway are brought to you as soon as possible so that you aren’t inconvenienced any more than you already have been.

We want to thank all of our listeners for sticking with us through this difficult time, especially those that thought to alert us to the situation.  Your dedication to our shows and our team is what keeps us going every week.

We’ll be back and cranking out new shows shortly.  Thanks again for your support!


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36 Responses to One Moment Please…

  1. Steve W says:

    Have been missing your great works!

  2. TB says:

    I have most of the content you’ve posted except the last few months or so. I faithfully downloaded everything weekly. Contact me if you want what I have which should be everything except recent productions.

    • dsobkowiak says:

      Thank so much for the offer! We do have at least three backups of all of our material spread across the globe, so we should be covered. Hopefully all will be back online shortly, and new episodes of your favorite shows will begin to drop in to the feed again!


  3. Perry says:

    Glad to know you are back on track. I was upset to see one of my favorite websites offline. Hang in there! You guys are doing a great job! (P.S.- You should get an award for best use of the euphamism “exploit”!)

  4. John Hall says:

    Hoping that you haven’t lost your sense of humor in all of this…

    Having learned that a fair part of Broken Sea audio is based in Christchurch, New Zealand, when I heard of the earthquake so near Christchurch, my first thought was that, while restoring your content, some “super” energy had leaked out of one of your fine super shows (like Feedback: A Hero’s Calling, my favorite), crossed over to our dimension, and cracked open the ground.

    Hope none of the Broken Sea family were hurt in the earthquake, and good luck as you complete restoration. — John Hall

  5. Jessica Peach says:

    I think this is really good news for fans of your stories. i love the series you’ve done and i am looking forward to the next story.
    Good luck for the new stories and i’m sorry to hear about this happening to you, i’ll say a prayer for you all tonight.

  6. John Hall says:

    I’m sure this is part of your ongoing restoration efforts, but at least from my computer(s), I can’t get the file of the 5 comments (including my earlier one) to open for reading. — John Hall

  7. Michael says:

    I’m glad you were able to determine the identity of the nefarious perpetrator of this “deed.” Might I suggest that after you shoot him, you draw and quarter him (assuming it’s a him) and feed the entrails to the pigs?

  8. Chuck Dotson says:

    I would like to help out in you’ll get your audio programs back up on the websight if thay are lost. I have the 50+ ep. of Dr Who I got threw Itunes. And would be happy to burn it to a disk and mail it to you.

    • dsobkowiak says:

      Thanks for the offer Chuck. I think we’re set, but if the need arises, I’ll be sure to send you a note!

  9. mick adams says:

    This must be really upsetting for you..and all your subscribers;

    I admire your courage & tenacity to sort this out(rage)..through, and hope that the perpetrator will get his/her comeuppance..


    Mick Adams

  10. Martyn says:

    Its wonderful to hear that your back on track I have missed all your stories I am love your take on Dr Who as I am English and can’t wait to hear what your going to do next, P.S. when your fully back back could We have more Planet of the Apes so much better than the new films

  11. Johnny Lam says:

    Hi Guys, been listening to BSAP for about a couple of years ago now, and I just like to say you guys have some awesome shows let me tell ya! I really loved the GaiasVoyages episodes. Hopefully you guys will have more of them when the site is restored. I am sorry that you guys got infected by a virus, but hopefully that won’t happen again. We all miss listening to the new productions every Thursdays.

    • Elaine Barrett says:

      Hey there! Elaine Barrett of Gaia’s Voyages here! Just wanted to let you know that there WILL be more Gaia coming out soon as possible after the site is back up. I have the two parts of Gaia’s Voyages Episode 9 in the can as well as a commentary and quite a bit of mixing done on the two parts for Episode 10. I’m glad you like the show and thanks for hanging in there and your support through all this!

  12. Marleigh says:

    Suck! 🙁

    Wishing you a quick and painless recovery.

    (Sounds like I’m talking about a person rather than a website, and yet, I think it applies.)

  13. Mike Latimer says:

    You have a loyal fan in me. I found your site a few years ago and have thoroughly enjoyed your audio productions. I wish you well in getting your web site up and running again. I anxiously await your newest Doctor Who and Jake Sampson episodes.

  14. Mike Stokes says:

    Hope to see the site back online soon! Good luck!

  15. Dave Leigh says:

    I was sorry to hear about the exploit, and about the extended recovery process. I know how time-consuming and expensive that can be. As you bring the site back up, please put a PayPal donation link on the site so we can help in some small way, ans as a thank-you for the excellent entertainment you’ve provided us over the years.

  16. Wikedsinn says:

    I’m still here and I will continue to check back for when you guys are up and running again. Thanks for the quick action to prevent any more damage for your listeners. I will try to be patient but eagerly await new audio content as it becomes available

  17. AndrewO, in San Jose, California says:

    Missing you . . .

  18. Shane Hopkins says:

    Man, that sucks, I was holding out for the next Dr Who ep… Still, I know how you guys must be feeling, some of my sites got hacked a few years back, so thankful for off-line backups…

    Did I read that some of BrokenSea is based in Christchurch NZ? Cool, I’m down south from ya 😀

  19. Michael says:


  20. shaun everiss says:

    Just responding to this.
    if anyone is interested I have all of 7.5gb of dramas not in particular order, excluding audiobooks and stuff.
    Used to have more including the conan dramas which I can’t put up anywhere as it is because of legal things but my hard drive crashed and I had to replace it.
    I lost not to much because of backups but I did lose some data.
    if you are missing something give me a place to put it and I’ll gladly put it up.
    Unfortunately I can’t prommise it will be for free,
    I now pay for my bandwidth, so its 2 bucks per gb, saying that it depends what you want and what you lost I can probably previde some but sertainly not all 7.

  21. Larry says:

    Am so sorry to hear what was done to this wonderful site. I was so overjoyed when I discovered you. I hope who ever did this to such a wonderful site is prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  22. DangerWoman says:

    Dear Everyone:

    When I learned that the forces of evil had done this evil misdeed to this fine honored and lauded website, I was very madder than a shampooed pole cat on a hot summer night, on a bad karma hair day.

    A Part of me wanted to get that vile villian who did this and deal justice MY WAY, but then I remembered what Feedback said about taking matters into my own sorcerer hands, in which he said something about letting the American Federal Communications Commission teach this internet interloper a lesson in manners and let the Feds decide the villian’s fate.

    When I noticed that Brokensea was down, I sent Feedback and Outsource a very serious red alert e-mail to them about the situation, being that I knew that NO ONE did NOT tell them what was really going on, being that some vile evil internet interloping polecat did this misdeed by poisoning the site with malware and icky computer viruses!

    Feedback responded and told me that I did do the right superheroic thing about the situation by letting him know what was going on.

    It was a good thing that I was doing my internet patrol and keeping my heroic eyes open for trouble, when I noticed this messy situation.

    I just hope that the bad human who did this misdeed will be given swift justice and be punished severely for not only hurting this website,but also for hurting my pal, Feedback as well!

    Anyway, I want to say that it is good for you all to be back and that I hope that Justice Will Be Served!

    Until we meet on the net, GAME ON!

    Yours In The Fight For Justice,

  23. tilo says:

    hi glad to see you back up online and loving the new audio dramas of doctor who was just wondering if any of your older series of doctor who was going to put back online as i have missed some of the old episodes

    • dsobkowiak says:

      I will be adding the older episodes back on to the site as I make my way through our other shows. I don’t want to overload the feed by dropping all the audio back in to it, as this will just rerelease them and could eat up a whole mess of our bandwidth (something we don’t want to happen). We may have a Back Catalog area in the future where a lot of our older material can be found, but for on going shows like Doctor Who, we’ll have the older shows up slowly to avoid Killing the feed. Thanks! David

      • John Hall says:

        David — I think I am not the only fan of the Sea who would find it helpful for you to post on the home page an elaboration of this post, indicating your planned sequence of reloading of the many parts of your program suite. For example, until I read this, it had not occurred to me that you would not only need to set a sequence for reloading of the various shows (where I’m one of the loud and devoted fans of Feedback and related shows, which appear to be, overall, not among the most popular shows on your channel) but also a separate sequence for old, current, and new programs. As you do the latter, I encourage you to consider different rules and priorities for shows spun off from other media (like Dr. Who and Logan’s Run), where the individual multi-part stories are relatively separate from each other, and original shows (like Feedback) where the individual stories are more likely to be cumulative and self-referential. The latter shows really need to have older shows posted with newer shows, in order for new listeners to fully enjoy — and sometimes to fully understand — the new shows.

        Thanks for considering this request. You have an incredible job and a spotlight bigger than you may have known on you as you perform that job. We’re all grateful for what you’ve done and what you’re doing. — John Hall

        • dsobkowiak says:


          I can appreciate your concern and I thank you for your suggestions as I work my way through the back log of sites and shows which BSAP needs to reload on to the site.

          I think the biggest problem is not so much the decision of what shows to upload first, or even in what order, but the actual task of reloading every post, and every show on to the site again. We have close to a TB (1000 gigabytes) of audio files alone which needs to be reloaded. That’s a TON of audio and there are only so many hours in the day that I have to work on it. Four years worth of programming is an amazing amount of data to reproduce in short order. If we were a fully funded Production Company I would have had Disaster Recovery solutions in place to mitigate the downtime, but as we sustain ourselves out of pocket and on the generous donations of our listeners, we just don’t have the capital funding to create the environment needed to pull that off.

          Rest assured that when I am reloading shows I am endeavoring to reload all previous episodes along with any new productions that we are now releasing. For example, Feedback will be included in this week’s New Audio Thursday, and with it ALL of the previous episodes of both Feedback and BetaFlight (you read it here first).

          With Doctor Who, which is the next best example of previous episodic content, there just wasn’t the time to pull all of the episodes online, and set up the site and reload all of the old posts as there are three + years worth of data to load. It was just too much.

          I’ll try to be more forthcoming with a schedule of what is returning and when. Up to now I’ve been buried under the task of reloading everything, but I can definitely make time to give the great loyal listeners we have at BrokenSea the information they need to get ready for the onslaught of all this great audio!

          Thanks again John!


  24. Andreas J says:

    Hi there.

    This is the author of The Escape From New York & L.A. Page. I am really looking forward to see your awesome EFNY episodes online again. I hope you’ll upload them soon.

    Best wishes.
    – Andreas

    • Stevie K. Farnaby says:

      Thanks for the kind words on EFNY Andreas,

      Really am pleased U enjoyed them. The EFNY Audio series was literally a labour of love for me.

  25. Nate says:

    Hope to see you all back soon. I have missed you all, but understand your reasons for wanting to bring back BSP in a safe way.

    All the best.

  26. LamarT says:

    I wish to first thank your full crew for all the fine shows. They have brought me and my sons many hours of fun and funny entertainment. Now then, on to my question. Do you have a timetable on how long it will be befor you can repost the links for some of your first shows and older links to other sites?
    Thank you once again for all that you and yours do and keep up the great shows.

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