Web-Site – A Quick Update – 22/12/10

Hiya Folks,

As you’ll all of hopefully of noticed, more and more of our back catalogue is coming back online, following the site hack. I’ve been aiming at bringing 2 shows back per week, many of which with bonus previously unreleased material.

At this stage, only the current season of each of our ongoing shows is online. As soon as all the shows are back up with their respective pages online, I’ll be adding the previous seasons of series such as Doctor Who, Jake Sampson, and Maudelayne.

It’s been a long road to get this far, with quite a bit of work yet to do. Thank You All (THE greatest Audio Hooligans on Planet Earth!) for the endless support, and boundless enthusiasm for what we do at BrokenSea.

Hope you’re all approving of the new page designs BTW.


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