Pro Se and BrokenSea Take New Pulp Mags To The Next Level !

Pro Se Productions, an up and coming leader in the New Pulp Movement and publisher of New Pulp Magazines, books, and collections, announces today a partnership with BrokenSea Audio, a leading name in New Pulp Audio. Both companies have brought their impressive talents and abilities together to produce the first ever Pro Se Press Audio Magazines!
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2 Responses to Pro Se and BrokenSea Take New Pulp Mags To The Next Level !

  1. Trekluver says:

    That’s cool. Are they going to be payed like their magazines or are they going to be free? (I personally won’t care either way as long as it’s on iTunes.)

  2. John Hall says:

    Stevie — Congratulations on this latest big step forward in platform integration and visibility for the Sea!

    Something that might be worth exploring with your new partners… The two seasons of Feedback: A Hero’s Calling are all largely based on written fan fiction published on the Feedback website. What if one of the key parties at the latter (e.g., those who have compiled concordance type information, character bibles, etc.) were to agree to be a Special Issue Editor to compile a volume of printed prose about Feedback that could be a combination of original sources for the Broken Sea audio productions and additional adventures of the characters? There might be remarkably little work involved for anyone in the conversion, and the results might provide cross-promotion for everyone involved.

    What say you? — John Hall

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