New Audio Thursday – 03/03/11 – The Rift Opens Again ….

Audio Geurillas Celebrating the BSAP 4th Brithday!

Happy Thursday Hooligans! This week we’re celebrating at BrokenSea Towers – BrokenSea Audio Productions was officially 4 years old a few days ago! Many Happy Returns everyone, and thanks as always for the amazing support and efforts. Here’s to the next 4 !

This week we have a very Special Swagcast. The “2462” BrokenSea OTR Recreation Special! And mixing our OTR recreation and turning it to gold – none other then Brian Boccicco of Seraphic Panopoly FAME! :-
SwagCast “2462″ BrokenSea OTR Recreation Special!

We also see the return of the first 2 seasons of our very own fantasy comedy series, Maudelayne (2 Time Parsec Award Finalist for “Best Audio Drama – Shortform”) – All 34 Episodes are now online, together with all the Behind The Scene Shows and original artworks :-

Maudelayne - Season 2
Maudelayne – Season 2

Maudelayne - Season 1
Maudelayne – Season 1

Hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoy making ….


The following Audio Drama is rated PG-13 (Persons Younger than 13 Should be
Accompanied by an Adult). For more info:

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6 Responses to New Audio Thursday – 03/03/11 – The Rift Opens Again ….

  1. John Hall says:

    Happy happy birthday!!! Let it be truly written, let it be truly said, that rarely in the annals of humanity have so few done so much for so many in so short a time!

    This is a good moment for all the men and women of the Sea to step back from the relentless press of daily/hourly tasks and consider that they/you are in the vanguard of the invention of a new medium for fantasy fiction. Each of your series combines the passion and energy of fan/amateur writing and acting with the iconic characters and complex story-telling of the best outlets for serial storytelling (by which I am thinking of novels, comics, and television series).

    I find myself thinking of Sir Henry Percival as he sang the praises of late 19th century technology married to “caveman passion” as he set about to make love to “Trixie”, aka Cat Ballou. Of course, that didn’t work out so well for Sir Henry, so never mind.

    I have peppered you folks with diverse ideas for leveraging your properties through related merchandise and related media. Sorry if I keep passing you ideas that you already are well aware of, know the fatal flaws in, and couldn’t find time for even if they were as great as they seem to me. What I will plead is that there is an intoxicating spirit, not only about your well-crafted plays, but also about the whole authentic-garage-band feel you convey as you go about inventing the future. It makes people like me want to be a part of it and help you invent the great future you seem to be heading toward.

    There have been times (e.g., the early Stan Lee period at Marvel Comics) when I also felt that a band of talented visionaries were not only telling great original stories but also reinventing the way the game was played, with collateral benefits to everyone else. I haven’t had that feeling often in more than 40 years since then, but I’ve had it recently, with you folks.

    So forget about the hack attack and the two devastating earthquakes in Christchurch and whatever other challenges the Broken Sea core team have had to deal with in these same four years. Just step back, take a deep breath, and let the exhiliration of what has been accomplished in four short years wash over you. You’ve earned it! — John Hall

  2. bill hollweg says:

    John- it is feedback like this that makes all this crazyness we do worth it my friend! Honored we be!


  3. DangerWoman says:

    Dear Everyone at Brokensea:

    Happy Birthday To You!
    Happy Birthday To You!
    Happy Birthday, Dear Brokensea Audio!
    Oh, Happy Birthday!
    Oh, Happy Birthday!
    Oh, Happy Birthday to YOU!

    What is it, Danny Boy? Are you trying to tell me that you, the puppies and kittens want to bark and mew your birthday greetings too?!? Of course, you can, my pets, being that you all are so cute!

    Please forgive my Danger Force Pets. They can’t help it if their job on Feedback: A Hero’s Calling is to provide cutes and comedy relief. Not only that, they would be more than honored to bite Deathmatch on the seat of his pants and chase him up a tree, until the authorities show up to clean up the mess!

    Oh, as I mentioned to Feedback in my song, Fight Back, Feedback, I tell Feedback to NOT give up in the face of adversity, in which I have noticed that you all have had in recent months, overcame serious adversity against the evil hacker who could be working with Deathmatch and that horrible earthquake that affected your New Zealand operations recently.

    As I have told Feedback, DO NOT let the bad guys win or the world will be in such a messy situation that we won’t be able to get out of, Brokensea!

    So, DO NOT despair! At least my Danger Force Pets are ready to perform for Season Three of Feedback: A Hero’s Calling and so am I, being that we have been practicing our heroic lines, in preparation for recording them, as we not only talk to each other on the Yahoo IM, but also when I write my status reports to Feedback as well.

    YAWN! Please excuse me for yawning, but I did not get much sleep after what has been going on, being that I had to stay alert during the so called trying times.

    I know that you all would tell me the same thing that Feedback would say to me and my pets- To Go And Get Some Rest and let the nice folks at Brokensea do their best to get some new episodes of all our favorite shows back online, where they rightfully belong.

    Well, I better heed Feedback’s advice and go and get some sleep.

    Until we meet on the net, GAME ON!


  4. Cary Ayers aka radionaut says:

    Only this many years old? (holding up right hand with thumb removed) It took BBC and CBS that many decades to come close to half as much material worth while!

    Happy Birthday Tower! You have rebuilt after a horrible siege by the Huns, and other strangeness!

    May the tower stand four hundred years!

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