New Audio Thursday – 21/10/10

Hiya Folks,

Happy Thursday Hooligans! I hope this post finds you well and that you’re ready to enjoy some great audio!

1st up for your listening pleasure this week, an old friend returns to Maudelayne in an action adventure episode set in Ancient Egypt :-

Maudelayne Series 3 Episode 8: Amarna Encounter

And rounding out this week we have the third week of the OTR Swagcast’s Halloween releases. Bill promises creep-omitors up to 11, with an epsiode hosted by none other than his Granddaughter, Draven !

Swagcast – Season 2 – HALLOWEEN SPECIAL Episode #3 pt 1
Swagcast – Season 2 – HALLOWEEN SPECIAL Episode #3 pt 2

Hope you enjoy Listening as much as we enjoy Making …


PS. For those who haven’t caught it yet. There’s a special Animated promo, for the Dr. Who Season finale at :-

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5 Responses to New Audio Thursday – 21/10/10

  1. John Hall says:

    Dave — As you restore the content, is it appropriate to assume that episodes listed (say, of Feedback: A Hero’s Calling, my personal favorite) but not showing a Play button/download button are episodes that have not yet been reloaded? Is there any danger that some of those have been lost, which would mean you’d have use for any download archives created by listeners (I remember a couple volunteered such resources to you during the period off the air)? Thanks. — John Hall

  2. Caith Donovan says:

    I know that multiple backups were made of all the shows, and that the work goes on for our dedicated folks at BrokenSea – who also have to juggle lives and jobs and such. It’s frustrating, I know – I need to re-download the Escape from New York shows.

    But in the end I know it will be worth it.

  3. John Hall says:

    A couple related things I’ve noted. Feedback’s Season 2 episode, “The Specialist, Part 2” is loaded but only 3 seconds worth. And, when you hover the curser over the Feedback logo on your main page, the text box label that appears says Logan’s Run.

    — John Hall

  4. Cary Ayers aka radionaut says:

    YOUR BACK! YESSS!!!! Oh now my Thursdays will not seem so dead and dry. Glad the Hologans are back on line. Those bad men (and women) trying to spoil something so innocent and harmless as friends and fans getting together to share and enjoy this media of the mind…well not to wish harm on anyone I will just say I hope they get bored and start doing something constructive, like stacking greased BBs in a wind storm or something.

  5. bill hollweg says:

    Appreciate the kind words my friend!!!

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