New Audio Thursday 07/10/2010

Hi there Hooligans! Welcome to a new audio Thursday with lots of spectacular, spooky shows!  This week, we have OTR Swagcast bringing us the first (two) parts of the Halloween season with some great OTR goodies, introduced by yours truly and Mr. Mark Kalita.


This is something you’re going to definitely want to give a listen to!

Thanks as always for supporting us and remember, keep spreading the audio!


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7 Responses to New Audio Thursday 07/10/2010

  1. John Hall says:

    Third week back with no problems for Broken Sea. YAY!!!

    Third week back and still no Feedback: A Hero’s Calling, Feedback Conversations, or Beta Flight! ARRRGGGGH!

    — John Hall

    PS: Any info available on when my favorites will be back up?

  2. DangerWoman says:

    Oh no! My Danger Sense tells me that for the past three weeks, that something is not right in the world of Feedback and Friends.

    It seems like he has been MIA and it is NOT like our hero to NOT check in with the fans!

    And it looks like it may mean that my Danger Force Pets and I may have to find out what is going on, because if there is one thing that I do NOT like is being kept in the dark and out of the proverbal loop on what is really going on.

    I may have no choice but to take matters into my own hands again and do some serious confrontations with my online informants, to make them tell me “Where Is Feedback?”


  3. John Hall says:

    Dear Feedback fans and other Broken Sea devotees —

    I think Danger Woman and I need some kind of framing narrative for our nag notes.

    A World Wrestling Entertainment tag team?

    Or a Watchmen Nite Owl and Rohrschach detective team — one of us looks for clues through computer networks while the other busts heads and hands in the bars for leads.

    I don’t know whether the merry mavens of Feedback fiction formulation will regard this (didya see the Stan Lee style alliteration — retro or what?) level of overheated anticipation as good news or pressure, but we are eagerly waiting, of that you can be sure. — John Hall

  4. DangerWoman says:

    Dear Friends Of Feedback and Brokensea:

    It would be very interesting if I did do what John Hall suggests on these nag notes, whatever that is.

    World Wrestling Federation Tag Team?

    At least I would be able to give Vince McMahon the beating of his whole life and put him in The Orion Crossbow and can’t let go!

    The Watchmen?!?
    Too adult! I prefer Kick Tail over them!

    At least I do use my Danger Notebook Computer and my informants, both human and animal, to find out where Feedback might be.

    I sure hope that Deathmatch did NOT kidnap him and Sarah, for if this vile villian did, my pets and I will be more than honored to go after him and teach him a lesson in manners!


  5. Paul says:

    Feedback is waiting on two cast members (Damaris and I) who have had the flu this last week – which does not make for sexy superhero character voice acting.

    • John Hall says:

      Paul —

      Good health and a speedy recovery to you and Damaris. Feedback is the ultimate All-American boy and would never want to be the cause of Bad Mannerings! (Hope that line doesn’t set you back on your recovery…)

      — John Hall

      • DangerWoman says:

        Dear Damaris and Paul:

        I am so sorry that you gentlemen were a mite under the weather and were sick.

        My Pets and I hope that you all will get well quick, because Feedback would worry if anything happens to you all.

        Not only that, Sarah would kill me and lecture my Danger Force Pets, if anything happens to Feedback!

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