New Audio Thursday – 17/07/14 – “Dungeons” Thursday …

I hope this post finds you well and that you’re ready to enjoy some great audio!

Episode 2 of our brand spanking new original series is now online ! :-

Lorak and Axelrak, imprisoned in the dungeons of Adar, encounter allies and enemies, both old and new.

Sword of the Crimson Tatters
Sword of the Crimson Tatters
Arc 1 “The Sword is Forged.” Episode 2 “Allegiances”

Hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoy making ….


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3 Responses to New Audio Thursday – 17/07/14 – “Dungeons” Thursday …

  1. Kat Owen says:

    Love this podcast. Look out Lord of the Rings, we have Sword of the Crimson Tatters! Yeah.

  2. Bill Hollweg says:

    Many thanks for the kind words on Lothar’s mixing Opus!

  3. Lothar Tuppan says:

    Thanks Kat! Seeing your comment made my day!

    Thanks for listening and I hope you like episode 3 (waist deep in the mixing vats for that one right now)!

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