New Audio Thursday – 14/02/13 – “Some Things Worse Than Death” Thursday …

I hope this post finds you well and that you’re ready to enjoy some great audio!

We have the final Episode of our brand spanking new original Sci-Fi Series :-

Pike is being sent where the secret truth about the Azimov 1 mission will never get out. But before he goes, there are a few questions Admiral Veers and the C.I.A. need to sort out with him….

2109 - Black Sun Rising
Episode #7: “2109 Prequel Logs”

And as the Mark Kalita Doctor has updated his costume, we also have a new piece Doctor Who artwork online :-

The MAKalita Doctor
Artwork by David Tin Man Clark

Huge thanks David for the fantastic work.

Hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoy making ….


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