Maudelayne: Episode 10 The Night Visitor

Art by: Anke Eissmann

After a seemingly quiet few days, Worsley wakes to his window shattered by a piercing cry. He runs outside to find a strange young woman garbed in grey that is most distraught. He brings her in only for her to disappear the next day. At the same time, one of the students is found dead and Worsley becomes a prime suspect. He must find the banshee again to discover who the true murderer is.

Guest Voice Talent:
David Ault as Winston Colchester
Elaine Barrett as the Banshee
Gareth Bowley as the Inspector
Paul Campbell as Pubgoer1

Music provided by: Spare Parts and Ted Nasmith

The following Audio Drama is rated G- for General Audience and is suitable for all ages. For more info:

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