Maudelayne Series 4 Episode 6: Behind Time

Art by: Alexa Chipman

The wedding of Atherton and Krinaia is interrupted when the church turns into a swamp and time ceases to exist along a linear plane.

Written, Cast and Directed by Alexa Chipman

Produced, Engineered and Directed by Stevie K. Farnaby (AKA SKiFfle)

Recurring Voice Talent:
Mark Kalita as Percy Atherton
Paeter Frandsen as John Westbrook
David Maciver as Nigel Worsley
Kim Gianopoulos as Miss Jane Worsley
Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard as Krinaia

Guest Voice Talent:
Marleigh Norton as the Sheep
Rish Outfield as John Atherton
Tanja Milojevic as the White Queen

Music Provided By:
Spare Parts

The following Audio Drama is rated G- for General Audience and is suitable for all ages. For more info:

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5 Responses to Maudelayne Series 4 Episode 6: Behind Time

  1. Ben says:

    Is series 4, episode 6 the finale? The other seasons had 12 episodes apiece and this one only had 6, and hasn’t been updated in almost a year.

    • stevie says:

      Hiya Ben,

      Thanks for the enquiry my friend. And no, it’s not the end of Maud. Asside from the rest of this season, there’s also another full season already written. I’ve just been dealing with some personal issues over the last year or so, that’s all. I’m getting ready to get the ball rolling again, and I should be starting production on the next Ep in about a week or so.

  2. John says:

    Any news on new episodes? It’s been almost 3 years.

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