Maudelayne Episode 9: The Not so Round Table

Art by: Coen de Moor

A sickly man is found in the chapel, claiming to be the Fisher King. He has with him the Holy Graal itself, but an army of knights arrive to claim it. Atherton, Cecil, Worsley, Westbrook & Lewis barricade themselves into the Maudelayne chapel to protect the relic.

Guest Voice Talent:
Ronnie Rowlands as Father Somerset
Alex Gilmour as C.S. “Jack” Lewis
Russell Gold as Sir Mordred
Jeff Robbins as Sir Melehan
Gareth Bowley as The Fisher King

Music provided by: Spare Parts and ChantCD.Com

The following Audio Drama is rated G- for General Audience and is suitable for all ages. For more info:

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