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Stevie in Access Recording Studio

Most folks know of me as being the Producer / Director of multi-time award winning shows such as Doctor Who, Maudelayne and Escape From New York. What you may not know, is that I have a background in Commercial Music Production. I worked for various Studios and did Live Sound for numerous Venues across the North East of England (Working with many a famous face, and a ton of not-so-famous but fun ones – LOL).

I’ve actually being writing Incidental Music for the Audio Dramas I produce for some time now. I typically don’t credit myself for these pieces though, as I regard them as being part of my overall Production process.

Some examples of my musical works can be heard here :-

Doctor Who
Collaboration with Jay Ellington Lee (Ex Radiophonic Workshop) on Doctor Who Theme :-

Arid Ice
Collaboration with Jay Ellington Lee (Ex Radiophonic Workshop) on “Spooky Jam” (Recorded live in Jay’s Studio in Arizona :-

Escape From New York
Escape From New York – New End Credits Theme :-

Escape From New York – New Main Theme :-

X-Files – Alternative Main Theme :-

The Prisoner
The Prisoner – Main Theme :-

Enjoy !

Stevie K. Farnaby (AKA SKiFfle)

Pushing the Audio Envelope …

Stevie K Farnaby

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