Maudelayne Series 4 Episode 1: The Grey Cat

Art by: Alexa Chipman

Westbrook finds himself in a Gothic mansion with only a mysterious cat for company. Through a mishap with a forbidden door, he faces death by the irate owner of the house.

Recurring Voice Talent:
Mark Kalita as Percy Atherton
Paeter Frandsen as John Westbrook
David Maciver as Nigel Worsley
Bruce Busby as Lord David Cecil
David Ault as Winston Colchester

Guest Voice Talent:
Chris Barnes as Master of Mansion
Helen Quigley as Grey Cat
Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard as Krinaia

Music provided by:
Spare Parts and additional music copyright Ted Nasmith used by permission

The following Audio Drama is rated G- for General Audience and is suitable for all ages. For more info:

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4 Responses to Maudelayne Series 4 Episode 1: The Grey Cat

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  2. Joann K. says:

    At last!!!*listens immediately*
    *wipes brow in relief* I was worried about Atherton!

  3. Wolfenspiel says:

    I found this site about a year or so ago, and quickly became a fan. Lost the link when my PC died, and recently found it again…been catching up, and am thrilled to see the series is still alive! I’ve been introducing it to my daughters as well, and hope it has a long life! Thanks for a wonderful 3 seasons, and here’s hoping season four is NOT the final! Can’t wait for the next episode! Thanks again for the fantastic story!

  4. Don’t worry, there is at least a series 5!

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