Maudelayne: Series 2 Episode 8: Night Terror

Art by: Stevie K. Farnaby

A cottage suddenly appears at the college, seemingly quite quaint but holding an evil troll within. She sets Westbrook upon a series of impossible tasks, but with the help of a magical belt he manages to overcome them.

Recurring Voice Talent:
Mark Kalita as Percy Atherton
Paeter Frandsen as John Westbrook
David Maciver as Nigel Worsley
Fiona Thraille as Sophie Roberts
Bruce Busby as Lord David Cecil
David Drage as Maudelayne President George Gordon

Guest Voice Talent:
Christina J. Boyd as The Troll

Music provided by: Spare Parts and Southern Horizon

The following Audio Drama is rated G- for General Audience and is suitable for all ages. For more info:

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