A witty series set in 1933 at Maudelayne College, Oxbridge UK, a rift has opened allowing myth to briefly enter reality. A group of three students– Atherton, Westbrook and Worsley along with the intrepid Professor Lord David Cecil must keep order in the newfound chaos.

Recurring Characters:
Percy Atherton: Mark Kalita
John Westbrook: Paeter Frandsen
Nigel Worsley: David Maciver
Professor Lord David Cecil: Bruce Busby
Sophie Roberts: Fiona Thraille
President George Gordon: David Drage
Professor J.R.R. Tolkien: Bruce Busby

Post-Production and co-Direction by Stevie Farnaby
Written and co-directed by Alexa Chipman

The following Audio Drama is rated G- for General Audience and is suitable for all ages. For more info:

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