Gaia’s Voyages Episode 9: Part 1 – Love and Terrorists Part 2

This time on Gaia’s Voyages: Borask rescues Doctor Undomo when Medbay is under attack. Elizabeth, Mycroft, and Armarok go head to head against the terrorists where they meet a blast from the past. McCall, Andre, and the Redshirts hold out as the Bridge comes under fire. And Armarok and Elizabeth make a stand against Shirvais.

Rating NC-17


Captain Elizabeth Monroe – Elaine Barrett
Commander Mycroft beckert – David Ault
Armarok “Ice”– Mark Kalita
Lt. Andre Anjou – Abner Senires
Dr. Candice Undomo – Ara Pelodi
Lt. Borask – Bruce Busby
Gabriel Gideon – Philip Weber
Shirvais – Lexy Rawle

Lt. McCall – Christina Boyd

Guest Starring:
Terrorist 11 – Tom Stitzer
Other Terrorists – Sam Haft, Laura Frechette, Chris Barnes, Bill Robb
Redshirts – Caith Donovan and Bernadette M. Groves

Written, Cast, Directed, Engineered and produced by Elaine Barrett

Gaia’s Voyages Main Titles by Sam Haft

Additional Music by Kevin MacLeod of
Scheming Weasel faster
Big Rock
Darkness is Coming
Quinn’s Song – A New Man
What You Want

NOTE This Podcast has been rated as AD-No One Under 17 – Visually explicit portrayals of violence, which may be characterized by extreme brutality, extreme bloodletting and extreme tissue damage. May include torture, horror, sexual violence. For more info:

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