Gaia’s Voyages Episode 666: Tea and Terror

Last year we met Armarok’s loving family for the first time. Mordechai and his dear granddaughter, the Princess Amrusis, had some great family time torturing a “sheep” only to be interrupted by the entrance of Amrusis’s mother and Uncle – the twins Moraxis and Donovan. This year the family time continues… you are most cordially invited to Princess Amrusis’s tea party. Be polite… if you wish to survive…

Stevie K. Farnaby as Overlord Mordechai Decairen
Shannon Hilchie as Princess Amrusis Decairen
Jack Ward as Prisoner
Caith Donovan as Prisoner 1
Tanja Milojevic as Prisoner 2
Allen Sale as Prisoner 3
Lee James Sands as Prisoner 4

Written, Cast, Directed, Engineered and produced by Elaine Barrett

“Final Count”, “Pop Goes the Weasel”, “Halls of the Undead”, “Sugar Plum Breakdown”, and “Sugar Plum Dark Mix” by Kevin MacLeod at

NOTE: This Podcast has been rated as AD-No One Under 17 – Visually explicit portrayals of violence, which may be characterized by extreme brutality, extreme bloodletting and extreme tissue damage. May include torture, horror, sexual violence. For more info:

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