Gaia’s Voyages Episode 12: A Fine Line Between Lovey Wuvie and Haitey Waitey Part II

The chaos continues on Gaia’s Voyages. It causes the crew to desert the Bridge, leaving things wide open for Captain Natty and Commander Amazo to take command. Romance continues to burn bright…. as do the fires of revenge… The ship can survive the fires of passion. But can she survive the blast of long denied revenge as Desedemona and Armarok meet for their final confrontation?

Captain Elizabeth Monroe – Elaine Barrett
Commander Mycroft Beckert – David Ault
Armarok “Ice”– Mark Kalita
Lt. Commander Desedemona Xanthaxis – Christina Boyd
Lt. Andre Anjou – Abner Senires
Lt. Mccall – Christina Boyd
Gaia – Melissa “Mippa” Johnson
Natty – Natasha Damroth
Lt. Borask – Bruce Busby
Amazo – Stevie K. Farnaby
Giacomo Casanova – Scott Vinnacombe
Zeet – Anthony Piselli
Admiral Reinzgot “Arbiter” – David A. McDonald

Written, Cast, Directed, Engineered and produced by Elaine Barrett
Co-written by Rene Christine Jones and Natasha Damroth

Gaia’s Voyages Main Titles by Sam Haft

Additional Music:
Scheming Weasel faster, Tango de Manzana, Sancho Panza Gets a Latte, Parisian by Kevin MacLeod at

So It Was, Breaking the Seige (reprise), Suspicion, Far Away, Caverns, Enemy at the Gates, Dire News, Hold the Line, Threshold by Celestial Aeon Project at

Moonlit Revels of the Gypsy Queene, The Enchantment of the Fairies, The Sudden Appearance of Oberion, Burly Mariners, La Rotta by Cantiga at

NOTE: This Podcast has been rated as AD-No One Under 17 – Visually explicit portrayals of violence, which may be characterized by extreme brutality, extreme bloodletting and extreme tissue damage. May include torture, horror, sexual violence. For more info:

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