Gaia’s Voyages: Episode 04 Part One: The Middle of Nowhere Part One

Gaia barely escapes Xaphoni’s destruction by making a blind jump. They come out of the wormhole only to find themselves stuck in the middle of nowhere with no main engines or power. The Firestorms are deployed and they come across the last thing anyone could have EVER expected!

Main Cast:
Captain Elizabeth Monroe – Elaine Barrett
Commander Mycroft beckert – David ault
Lt. Commander Desedemona xanthaxis – Rene Christine Jones
Lt. Andre Anjou – Abner Senires
Lt. Mccall – Rene Christine Jones
Zeet – James Rossi
Dr. Candice undomo – Ara Pelodi
GAIA – Melissa “mippa” Johnson
Dr. Squijert Filigort – Kristy Plotkin
Natty – Natasha Damroth
Dr. Jonithan Noah – Capt. John Tadrzak
Lt. Borask – Bruce Busby
Amazo – Capt. John Tadrzak

Armarok “Ice”– Mark Kalita
Lt. Sherlock “Ace” Beckert – Chris Brittain
Lt. Anthony “Thor” Scott Thornton – Paul Lavelle
Ensign Vivian “Vixen” Thompson – Kristy Plotkin
Ensign Tremayne “Dove” Jordan – Julie Hoverson
Ensign Sokari ”circuit” 32 – Laura Frechette
Ensign Slyzatyr ”Hard Drive” 29 – William Young
Ensign talma “Wildcat” – Gwendolyn Jenson-Woodard
Ensign Zilia “Bats” Hakan – Elizabeth Rast
Ensign Ilidastun “Creeper” – Neal Bailey
Ensign “Gimpy” – Christina Boyd
Guest Starring:
Victoria Bennington – Elizabeth Rast

Written, Cast, Directed, Engineered and produced by Elaine Barrett


Gaia’s Voyages Main Titles by Sam Haft
“Void Jumper and “The Undervoid” by David Alexander McDonald
“Action”, “Serpentine Trek”, “Ignosi”, “The Chamber”, “Heartbreaking”, “Hero Theme”, “Scheming Weasel Slower”, “Dangerous”, “Guess Who”, “Exciting Trailer”, “Interloper”, “Nothing Broken”, “Kickshock”, “Shiny Tech”, “We Got Trouble”, “Quinn’s Song – First Night” by Kevin MacLeod of

NOTE This Podcast has been rated as AD-No One Under 17 – Visually explicit portrayals of violence, which may be characterized by extreme brutality, extreme bloodletting and extreme tissue damage. May include torture, horror, sexual violence. For more info:

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