Gaia’s Voyages: Episode 1

In the premier episode of Gaia’s Voyages Captain Monroe’s vacation in the Amazon is interrupted by an unexpected visit by Mycroft Beckert bringing news of promotions and supernovas. After getting orders and a briefing at SpaceFleet HQ Elizabeth and Mycroft board the Gaia for the first time and the Zooship Gaia makes her first jump. Her mission: get to Tuperi as fast as possible and rescue as much of the native ecology and pets as possible before Xaphoni goes supernova. The clock is ticking and nobody wants to be there when time runs out.

Captain Elizabeth Monroe – Elaine Barrett
Commander Mycroft Beckert – David Ault
Lt. Commander Desdemona Xanthaxis and Lt. McCall – Rene Christine Jones
Lt. Andre Anjou – Abner Senires
Lt. Borask – Bruce Busby
GAIA – Melissa “Mippa” Johnson
Dr. Jonithan Noah – Capt. John Tadrzak
Dr. Candice Undomo – Ara Pelodi
Dr. Squijert Filigort – Kristy Plotkin
“Zeet” ZT-39V3 – James Rossi
Guest Starring:
Guide – Elizabeth Rast
Secretary – Michael Liebmann
Admiral Reinzgot – David A. McDonald

Gaia’s Voyages Main Titles by Sam Haft
“Prison Shadows”, “Lights, Camera, Jumper” – David Alexander McDonald
“At Launch”, “Majestic Hills”, “Action”, “Impending Boom” – by Kevin MacLeod of

Written, Cast, Directed, Engineered and produced by Elaine Barrett

NOTE This Podcast has been rated as AD-No One Under 17 – Visually explicit portrayals of violence, which may be characterized by extreme brutality, extreme bloodletting and extreme tissue damage. May include torture, horror, sexual violence. For more info:

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