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Feedback – Tech Support Conversations – K2

Written by: Aaron Einhorn, Kimberly Giannopoulos, and Caith Donovan Directed by: Caith Donovan Post Production by: Alan White Starring: Aaron Einhorn as The Reporter Alan White as Outsource Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard as Natalie Courtney Alexandra Schwarz as Needs Decaf Girl Kimberly … Continue reading

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BETA FLIGHT : Episode 8 – “Keeping Up With The Joneses, Part II”

Mach 5; destroyed … Emerald Knight; depowered … and a looming plot to infiltrate Beta Flight appears to be on the horizon. Only one question remains to be asked–who’s idea was it to let Corsair on the team again?? Featuring … Continue reading

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FEEDBACK: A HERO’S CALLING – “A Work In Progress, Conclusion”

Season Two; Episode Eleven by Alan White, Caith Donovan, & Richard Brooks II with the concept of “Danger Woman” by Betsy Goodrich A conclusion for Pre-Fetch leads to a crucial message for Feedback–that is IF our hero survives his season-ending … Continue reading

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BETAFLIGHT: Episode 7 – “Keeping Up With The Joneses”

by Alan White & Laura Frechette with story elements by Zack Fester It’s Training Day for Sam Raynolds and we all know how THOSE turn out, don’t we? Meanwhile the revisit to a femme fatale may spell doom for Emerald … Continue reading

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Feedback:A Hero’s Calling S02E10 “A Work In Progress”, Pt III

by Alan White, Caith Donovan & Richard Brooks II Tech Support is reeling with the revelation that their whole foundation might be based on a lie–but that’s no consolation to The Defuser and his team as they find themselves stranded … Continue reading

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Feedback – Tech Support Conversations – Introduction

“Introduction” written by Caith Donovan Outsource has a new project for Tech Support….as if their lives weren’t hectic enough! Starring the voice talents of Aaron Einhorn as The Reporter Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard as Natalie Steve Anderson as Alexander Forthright III Alan … Continue reading

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