Feedback:A Hero’s Calling S02E10 “A Work In Progress”, Pt III

Alan White, Caith Donovan & Richard Brooks II


Tech Support is reeling with the revelation that their whole foundation might be based on a lie–but that’s no consolation to The Defuser and his team as they find themselves stranded in cyberspace with a hungry and monstrous Antivirus!

Starring in this episode are our heroes
Jarrett Crippen as The DEFUSER and Matt Atherton as FEEDBACK

supported by the voice acting talents of

Bernadette M Groves as the RECEPTIONIST

Mark Kalita as BLACKTHORN
Kim Gianopoulos as K2
Steve Anderson as FORTHRIGHT
Mike Sims as ROUTER

Elie Hirschman as CONSOLE
Mike Winters as TOM
Sarah Blevins as SARAH
Alan White as OUTSOURCE

David A. Price as The FIGURER
Richard Brooks as QUIP
Howard Margolin as PALADIN

Amber Love as AMBER
Keith Knudsen as BACK-UP
Brandon Cole as FREAKOPAEDIA
Zack Fester as CODEC
Tiffany Braford PIPER MAGE

Caith Donovan as SPARROW
Paeter Frandsen as PRE-FETCH
Chris Barnes as JAMES
Mark Gianopoulos as TAYLOR
Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard as LILY
Damon Fries as STEPHEN
Bernadette M Groves as WISP
Rachel Steiner as ANGELUS

Also featured are the original character concepts created by Matthew Atherton, Sarah Blevins, and the members of Tech Support who can be found at

Feedback’s theme, “My Calling” was written and performed by Jeffrey Wayne Kirkpatrick.
Series’ original score by David A. Krause. You can find David’s music compositions for “A Hero’s Calling” at
In addition, the following soundtracks;
“Scene #7” by cjacks
“The Opening, Watchmaker Cue” by David Beard
can be found at Podsafe Audio located at

Post-Production by Alan White
Return next month for the conclusion of “A Work In Progress”

The following Audio Drama is rated PG-13 (Persons Younger than 13 Should be Accompanied by an Adult). For more info:

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22 Responses to Feedback:A Hero’s Calling S02E10 “A Work In Progress”, Pt III

  1. DangerWoman says:

    Hello, Fans! I want to say that this episode really takes the proverbal cake in audio adventure for Feedback: A Hero’s Calling and I must say that things are getting a mite interesting, as this will lead up to next month’s Holiday Hero promotion for me and yes, my episode of Feedback: A Hero’s Calling will be released, by hook or by crook, in time for NOT only Feedback’s birthday, but also the Christmas Season, in which I hope that the nice humans at Brokensea will do the right thing and see to it that it gets released in time for Christmas as THE BEST Birthday and Christmas Gift a Karaoke songbird can give to her fellow hero.

    Just then, The Danger Force Pets run in, after feeling the autumn chill and gives the sad eyes, as if to say: We want to help on Feedback’s Birthday!

    (In telepathic mode) Now, now, my heroic pets! You will have that chance in the next episode, in which we are in it.

    One of Danny Boy’s Puppies, Barkley Swiss Collie, scampers up to the microphone and barks his puppy bark, as if to say: Do you think that the nice humans at Brokensea will listen to a bunch of misfit puppies and kittens like us, along with the listeners of Feedback: A Hero’s Calling?!?

    (In telepathic mode): Of course, Barkley. Besides, who could resist a baby collie puppy’s bark to try and tell the humans what you all really want in the first place?!?

    Bart The Kitten scampers in and rubs up against my heroic tight legs and mews, as if to say: Are the humans at Brokensea good to their office pets and feed them fish to the office kitty cats and some Whiskas Milk?!?

    (In telepathic mode) Well, Bart. If I know that nice human, David, who is the big boss of Brokensea, I bet that he feeds the office pets, especially the cats, some fish from the Pike Street Fish Market in Seattle, Washington, where their American HQ is at.

    Bart: MEW! WOW! FISH!

    (In telepathic mode): Calm down, Bart! You need to save your communcation skills for when you and Purrecious and Danny Boy would try to tell Feedback what is going on with me.

    You have to excuse Bart The Kitten! He and his beloved kitten playmate, Purrecious The Kitten, love a bowl of organic milk and a can of organic tuna or shrimp or lobster pie whenever they are hungry.

    And speaking of food, the pets and I need to go and have supper right now!

    But, DO NOT be sad, loyal Feedback Fans!

    Enjoy this exciting episode of Feedback: A Hero’s Calling and look for me in the next exciting episode.

    And while you are patiently waiting for it to be released, please look for me in that cool bestselling book, I, Superhero, We Wear Tights So You Won’t Have To, By Mike McMullen at Borders Books and, Amazon. Com and Barnes And Noble and Barnes And which is the best Christmas gift you can really give to not only your loved ones, but also your fellow superheroes.

    And look for me in the movie about my adventures and misadventures in the real and internet worlds, Disabled But Able To Rock.
    Go to the IMDB at and get the scoop about my movie!

    Until we meet on the net, your local bookstore and at your local movie theater,
    GAME ON!

    Yours In The Fight For Justice,

  2. John Hall says:

    Alan — Well, to respond to your last posting, this episode was certainly worth waiting the extra week!

    There is a spot early in the tape where Feedback starts talking and then seems to be cut off by someone else’s lines. It sounded like an editing glitch rather than overlapping dialogue.

    If you go back to the first season, everything is linear story-telling, with one plot and scene following scene. This season, you start running multiple plots in each episode, switching scenes to alternate moving them along. In this episode, I think that for the first time you are switching between plots in the middle of scenes. Only the most intricate and involving of comic book stories attempt such complex story-telling, and just like them, I thought you really pulled it off and heightened the tension in all the plots.

    So Alexander Forthright III is an amoral capitalist now seeking redemption, not because he was inspired by Feedback’s mission or nobility of character but because he came to relate to Matt and Sarah and the others as if they were his children. Certainly makes him a more complex and interesting character, but it would seem to make the foundation of Tech Support much more tenuous. Who’s to say when or how AF’s notion of the ideal business/mission balance will shift again?

    And Quip aka Richard Brooks II is really Deathmatch??!!! Looks like Feedback was right to be suspicious of him early on (to put it mildly). If only some of the earlier episodes with Brooks as security consultant could be listened to again for any early signs of this dual identity.

    I had a hunch that Sparrow’s magic connections and friends would “figure” into the resolution of the Pre-Fetch remembers Reboot’s death while no one else does, but I’m still bewildered and intrigued by how this is all going to sort out. At the same time, your Feedback’s memories plot and the current other plots have played out like a game of 52 Pickup where you are able to snatch the cards out of the air and restore the ordered deck before anything hits the ground, so I’m fully prepared to see more miracles.

    After all is over, I would be interested to know how much of all this was planned, foreseen, or set out as possibilities very early on in the series. Was Brooks always going to be Deathmatch? Was Forthright always going to be something a little less noble and a lot more realistic than the ideal noble boss? Either way it’s quite impressive. Either your team has a long-term strategic vision on a par with JMS on Babylon 5 or else your team’s ability to elaborate, deepen, and run riffs plus a throughline while on the fly/run is extraordinary.

    I’m also hoping that when Feedback Conversations finally airs, we will be able to gain some insights into the characters that will prove to tie into these developing stories. And I’m hoping that after the dust settles, we might have an episode or two that will give our characters a chance to assess who they are and how they relate, in light of recent events. I’m thinking that the critical nexus of Feedback, Forthright, CPU and K2 has moved some distance from where it was when Season 2 began, and some of that movement will unfold in the aftershocks of what each has learned about the others.

    One practical suggestion: The show’s growing complexity and depth has a downside that it is becoming less and less friendly to first-time listeners. Particularly since several of the earlier episodes have not yet been reloaded, but even after they have, I encourage you to consider adding a “What has come before…” paragraph or two to your text pieces for each episode and to expand the cast list to add a line or two about who these characters are. It has gotten to be too much for listeners to pick up all they need to know about the characters and their situations from each story by itself. One of Jim Shooter’s maxims was supposed to be that every story was some reader’s first story, and that new reader needed to have the characters reintroduced, quickly and concisely.

    Thanks, and how long until the life-transforming, senses-shattering, how can I wait that long conclusion? And will there then be two more episodes to complete Season 2?

    — John Hall

  3. Alan says:

    Good point about ‘every episode might be someone’s jumping on point’. I’ll keep that in mind with Season 3. The next episode will conclude Season Two, but the superhero action will continue on into the next year with BetaFlight before Feedback returns with Season Three.

    I’m looking at the 1st week of December for S02E11, the season-ender.

    Buckle up!

  4. Alan says:

    Oh, and, no –not an editing glitch. Console interrupted Feedback as people tend to do when excited. Don’t worry, you didn’t lose any dialogue from Feedback.

  5. John Hall says:

    For all you conspiracy theorists who also happen to be new to the wonders of Feedback: A Hero’s Calling (or just haven’t played the old episodes back over and over as I have),

    note that Richard Brooks II, now revealed to be Deathmatch, was the voice of “The Fiend”, a Deathmatch agent, in the very first episode of Season 1;

    note that Steve Anderson, who plays Alexander Forthright III, was the voice of Rivers, the villain of the second episode of Season 2 and now revealed to be tied to AF III through their shared links to the Consortium;

    and note that our beloved Alan White, current voice and original inspiration for Outsource, who is now revealed to have acted at AF III’s instructions so as to benefit the Consortium and so (probably unknowingly) to benefit Deathmatch, was the voice of Professor Ted A. Chatham in the middle episodes of Season 1 — Professor Ted A. Chatham “who we now all know to be Deathmatch”.

    Chatham/Deathmatch gave Sarah powers that she had briefly, and I think we eventually learned that Deathmatch had manipulated Spectre into his attacks on K2, Matt and Sarah.

    So everybody has been working for or with Deathmatch, and half the main cast (and half the writing staff) has been playing Deathmatch or one of his agents!!! How long will it be before we learn that Deathmatch arranged Matt’s accident, is Matt’s long-lost brother, cost CPU his leg, shot down K2’s federal appropriations, and is the true face behind Defuser, Paladin, Adam Legend, and most of Beta Flight!!???

    Call this the unified theory of all things Feedback. And say, Deathmatch Lies is almost an anagram for Stan Lee Cheated Him!! Could “the Man” be the deepest buried part of this vast octopus of evil??

    I’ve just got to cut down on the caffeine… — John Hall

    • John Hall says:

      I really have to listen much more carefully. On my tenth or so listening to the episode, I caught that Deathmatch has been revealed as the Figurer, not Richard Brooks II (although in my defense, the Figurer sounds more like Richard Brooks II than like the Figurer when first introduced, even though the actors appear to be the same, as in earlier episodes — not as each other). The last time my wife and I had this much trouble keeping two characters straight because of similarities in the actors, it was Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio in the Scorsese Boston gangland flick. Didn’t expect any sympathy then; don’t now. I guess the hand-holding and spoon-feeding are really over.

      I am struck again with the contrast between Season 1, which built to an operatic clash of powers and wills in the final two-part episode, and Season 2, where some kind of self-doubt has been front and center for one or more of the characters from the first, building to a crisis of character and confidence for pretty much the whole cast. I am very interested to see whether the wrap-up will underline the elegance of this story structure — or fall down in a narrative equivalent of 52 pick-up. I’m betting on the former, but you’ve all set yourselves a really tough challenge; the bar has never been higher. — John Hall

  6. Caith Donovan says:

    …and people think ~I’m~ paranoid.

    I like your style John.

  7. DangerWoman says:

    Dear Everyone:

    First off, I am so excited about my episode in this season two finale story arc that is going to air in time for Hanukkah, which is like a Jewish Christmas, except that is only on 8 long nights in December!

    Just then, right on cue, The Danger Force Puppies, Banjo, Barkley, Cassie and Baby Jewel come in and bark, as if to say: Are we going to be in it too, DW?!?

    (In telepathic mode) Yes, my little puppies. You, your parent and legal guardian, Danny Boy and the kittens are going to be in it as well!

    Just then, Little Max Collie, Danny Boy’s handsome collie nephew comes in and barks, as if to say: Do you think that Feedback will like us puppies and kittens?!?
    Also, I know that my cousins have asked these questions before to Feedback!

    The Pups: Why Do They Call You Feedback?!?
    The Kittens: Is Sarah scared of our informant mice?
    Danny Boy: Do you think he would understand us, DW, even though around the other humans, we can’t talk?!?

    (In telepathic mode) Calm down pups and kittens! If Feedback was really on line and saw your questions, he would be more than happy to answer them.

    And speaking of questions, my pets do have some questions for Outsource.
    The Pups: Why Do They Call You Outsource?
    The Kittens: Are you scared of mice?
    Danny Boy: What is your favorite food?

    ARRGH! My Danger Sense is warning me about Season Three!
    I have been getting some strange images about my part in it, in which I am supposed to deal with that mean human, Deathmatch, who would kidnap me and use my weakness of being hypnotizable to his evil advantage……………

    Danger Woman: You won’t get away with this, Deathmatch! Feedback is going to fix your wagon if any harm comes to me or my pets!

    Deathmatch: Oh really, you little hero worshipping girl in a Halloween costume!
    Feedback will try to rescue you, but I will have set some traps to try and stop him!
    And now, I am going to have Dreamlord to hypnotize you!

    DangerWoman: Hypnosis…feel…so..weak..Can’t..focus…feel…so..sleepy…

    I do not know if that is going to happen, like in my Danger Sense premonition, but I am very scared that it might happen in Season Three, which will be coming out starting in 2011!

    I just hope that I do not get hypnotized in Season Three, being that it is my weakness.

    Trembling timechecks! It is really past my bedtime!

    But, DO NOT be sad, Feedback Fans! You will hear from me again soon.

    And while you all are waiting for my episode of Feedback: A Hero’s Calling, mosey down to your local Borders Books, Barnes and Noble or order online at the DO NOT miss book of Holiday 2010!

    Look for me in I, Superhero, By Mike McMullen, which is out now!
    And if your bookstore does not have it, please politely order it or get it on

    Why? Because this little singing superheroine is in that book.
    Not only that, I do mention Feedback, Fat Momma and Major Victory in my interview, even though Mike McMullen does NOT know beans about them.

    And he says something about the fact that I do go on patrol with Dr. Mathmanic, who was my accountant, until he moved to the San Franscisco Area of California!

    I know that as The Amazing Whitebread, he was a bit naive about my little heroic world of friends and that I do know them!

    If there is one book that YOU will get to give this holiday season, one book that is a must read, buy I, Superhero by Mike McMullen From Citdel Kensington Publishing!

    And look for me in the upcoming movie, Disabled But Able To Rock, which is THE don’t miss movie of 2010-2011! Look for it on the IMDB!

    Until we meet on the net, GAME ON!

    Yours In The Fight For Justice,

  8. Alan says:

    “How long will it be before we learn that Deathmatch arranged Matt’s accident, is Matt’s long-lost brother, cost CPU his leg, shot down K2′s federal appropriations, and is the true face behind Defuser, Paladin, Adam Legend, and most of Beta Flight!!???”

    [RiverSong] Ah ah ah… spoilers…” [/RiverSong]


  9. John Hall says:

    This week I’m in Austin, home of the Defuser, and I’d like to do a short shout-out to the Season 2 superstar.

    If you go to the website cited in A Work in Progress, episode 1, you find a blog that ends last year with Jarret’s reasons for planning to retire the Defuser. I think his appearance in Feedback: A Hero’s Calling may be the only public manifestation of the character this year — even though Wizard World is coming here to Austin a couple days after I leave.

    I think that’s a shame.

    Even though Matt had already worked as an actor before going on the show, while Jarret posted that he wasn’t an actor, so don’t even ask, after he won Season 2, I thought that Lightning Strikes was a much better showcase for Jarret than Megasnake was for Matt. In some ways, the catch phrase (“I’m on it”) of his deputy sheriff character was both amusing and engaging, as well as being less of a mouthful than the Defuser’s “When the Defuser’s around, bad guys are going down.” I think Jarret’s performance on FAHC have gotten better and better, and I get the feeling that he’s enjoying himself.

    Which brings me to SCARE for a CURE, Jarret’s charity and a principal reason for his wanting to win WWtBaSH, just as one of Matt’s first actions after winning was to steer people toward a learning disabilities site. I’d like to ask you and Jarret to consider putting some pictures of Matt and Jarret on the artwork part of this website, mixing photos giving a visual side to the current story with other photos promoting their charities and giving information on where and how to donate. I think there’s a chance that that might enhance listener enjoyment of these great stories while also providing a boost for some more than worthy good works.

    It might also be a chance for more of us to say congratulations and thank you to Jarret. I’m sorry to have to report that the cab driver who drove me in from the airport didn’t know anything about the Defuser or Who Wants to be a Superhero, but I did my best to remedy that. One fan at a time, we spread the word.

    Thanks for listening. — John Hall

  10. John Hall says:

    I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before — and I’m sure Alan, Caith and the other scribes of wonder had it all in mind from the outset — but I think I’ve finally figured out the theme of this season of Feedback: A Hero’s Calling, and possibly the theme of the entire series: “What Makes a Hero?” Working backwards…

    A Work in Progress: Alexander Forthright III. Introduced as the ultimate noble man of wealth and business, supporting Feedback and company due to his vision and generosity, he is now revealed as a man of more complex character who at the very least takes a flexible attitude of who he will work for and with.

    A Work in Progress: Outsource. Introduced as an outsider to the core world of super-powered beings and IT/gaming specialists who is paying back because his life was saved, he is now revealed as someone who has not so much taken his talents to a new setting as taken his services to a new client. The distinction can be crucial, because professional public relations on behalf of a super-hero may not always involve actions that are themselves heroic.

    Daddy’s Little Girl: Feedback. Author’s message was blinking in neon here. If you actually experience Feedback’s memories, it is hard to see him as some heroic archetype, as it would be impossible to see any real human being in such abstracted terms. Akin to the old saw that if you like sausage or legislation, you don’t want to look too closely at how they’re made.

    Daddy’s Little Girl: CPU/Blackthorne. Introduced in an episode that underscored how different his soldier’s values differ from super-hero values, we now see that he’s also been, by many standards, a lousy father and husband.

    Daddy’s Little Girl: Courtney. Introduced as a newly empowered super-hero fan fleeing a parental divorce, she shows bad judgment in trying to help the disembodied memories, resulting in avoidable harm to a number of people.

    So that this message doesn’t get too long, I’ll add in:
    Figurer — Like the kid in the Incredibles with a dash of DC’s Booster Gold, he is so angered but lack of recognition for his powers and ambitions that he opts to create a threat to hundreds of innocents.

    Corsair — Like Buffy’s Spike, a classic villain whose personal reversals lead him to side more with the heroes for a variety of motives more selfish than noble. Even when he does the right thing, it’s usually for the wrong reason.

    K2 — Have we started to see her use her empathic/mood-altering powers not just to calm people who want to be calmed but to manipulate people, as in calming CPU in a situation where anger is appropriate and even necessary to effectiveness?

    Sarah — Her own brush with powers arose from the wrong motives and some of her actions were not heroic. Same for Live-in-Heaven.

    Mainframe, Freakapedia — Seem to act more out of vanity than nobility, even if their actions are consistently good for the cause. It once seemed that Richard Brooks II was in this camp, but now that we know he’s Deathmatch…

    As I said in an earlier posting, I would love to have an episode of FAHC (or perhaps parts of Feedback Conversations, if and when it airs) that would show some degree of self-awareness by some of the characters of these new complexities and some reactions to them. Matt himself has always been candid to a fault and worn his heart on his sleeve — it’s part of his charm — but these developments are threats to his optimism and enthusiasm greater than he’s ever encountered before, and I for one would enjoy hearing him try to talk this through to some higher understanding.

    — John Hall

    • John Hall says:

      My long treatise here confuses Mainframe with Neutrino and Courtney with Robin. Apart from those blunders — surprising and unforgiveable in someone who has listened as many times as I have — I’d still like to put these ideas in play. — John Hall

  11. DangerWoman says:

    This just in, Feedback Fans! The Defuser is coming to Wizard World Atlanta, December 4th and 5th, 2010 at the Cobb Galleria Convention Center, in Cobb County, Atlanta, Georgia.

    I am looking forward to finally meeting him, being that I was the one who invited him to Dragon Con in the first place, even though Mr. and Mrs Pat And Sherry Henry would NOT let him come to Dragon Con, which really hurt my feelings.

    At least I am going to meet him at Wizard World, in which I have to do my good heroic deed of giving him a Christmas Gift and shake his heroic hand, while my heroic pets get to shake paws with him.

    At least I am about to put The Defuser into a special role in my holiday Fan Fiction for Feedback: A Hero’s Calling: Feedback’s Christmas In Atlanta, in which he would look so cute in a Santa Claus Suit!

    Well, I need to go and patrol Emory University this evening, being that my movie, Disabled But Able To Rock, is going to be given a sneak preview.

    May I take this time to wish the entire cast and crew of Feedback: A Hero’s Calling and Everyone At Brokensea Audio The Best For A Happy Thanksgiving and DO NOT eat too much, otherwise you all would NOT be able to fit into your heroic attire!

    Until we meet on the net and at Wizard World Atlanta, GAME ON!

    Yours In The Fight For Justice,
    The Danger Force Pets 😮 :o:o :o:o :o:o :o:o :o:o :o:o :o:o 😮

  12. Marie says:

    I have been listening for a while now. And I love this series. Wisp and the other magicians/witches were cool. Will we be seeing them again? Its nice to see such a variaty of powers all in one show.

    • John Hall says:

      Marie — Welcome to the Feedback-verse!!!

      The magicians and witches came on board first in the three-part 2nd season story Eye on the Sparrow, of which only the first segment has yet been restored since the hack/crash of a few months ago.

      If you like seeing a variety of powers being introduced, you might like many of the 1st season powers, where there was a lot of that going on. You might also like some of the 1st season of the spin-off series Beta Flight. And if you really like the 1st season, you might want to track down a DVD of the Who Wants to Be a Super Hero series, especially season 1 which Feedback won.

      Most of all, I hope you will keep posting. Apart from you and me, every one else who posts is involved in the making of the show in some way. You and I represent the larger audience — which we all will grow larger still — that all this cool stuff is being done for.

      So once again — Welcome aboard! And tell all your friends!! — John Hall

  13. John Hall says:

    Today is Tuesday, December 14, and here are my questions…

    1. Will the season-ender of Feedback air on Thursday, a week later than Alan projected, a week past the end of Hannukah (Danger Woman’s announced period), or will the fevered anticipation of frantic Feedback fans (a Stan Lee ism) crack through all previous highs?

    2. Will the pre-crash mini-series Feedback Conversations ever air? If yes, will it give us additional insight into the characters? If yes, will it be the characters as they were before the revelations about Alexander Forthright III — or after the events when, to coin a phrase, nothing will ever be the same?!!

    3. What can we loyal fans — the ones who are part of the cast, like Danger Woman; the ones who want to be part of the cast, like Nate the Newbie on the Tech Support website; the pure audience members of long standing, like me; and the pure audience members of brief standing, like the mysterious Marie — do to help spread the word on the inspiring and entertaining universe that is The World of Feedback.

    4. What will be the last Season 2 episode of Beta Flight, and when will it air? When if ever will the events of Beta Flight — including the threat of the dystopian future that we hope, but cannot be sure, were averted by the actions of Wolf Girl — spill back into the main Feedback narrative?

    5. Will the brilliant writers of Feedback and Beta Flight be able to round out, sort out and even re-merge the multiplying alternate histories that have been proliferating in their stories? Or will they fall into the Twin Peaks/Lost/Heroes/ Battlestar Galactica zone of unresolved, partly resolved, or unsatisfactorily resolved plots? Will it be artful juggling or 52 Pickup?

    6. How many posts will John Hall string together without waiting for a reply or a second opinion? We are at three and counting…

    — John Hall

    • Caith Donovan says:

      John and others. Tech Support: Conversations is coming. There have been some delays and I apologize for that. I hope to air the series during gaps in air dates of the two main series (F:AHC and Beta Flight).

      I have a great team working for me, and we appreciate the support.

      And Marie, thank you for posting. This kind of response is what makes everything worth it.


  14. Alan says:

    Hello Marie! Awesome to hear from a new listener!

    Apologies in advance, but your season-closer S02E11 will not be ready tomorrow, Dec 16th. Still trying for pre-January–and those chances are good, but Christmas might have to pass by first. I has a sowwy. 🙁

    John, Beta Flight is still in its’ Season One. Conversations will return in January and I’m eager to see the same questions get answered as you are (it’s Caith & Cast’s project).
    To spread the word, … hmmm… suggestions?

    • John Hall says:

      Alan —

      Apologies not really necessary. In the choice between getting it good or getting it Thursday — to paraphrase the old line about the values of Hollywood — I go for the former.

      Let’s think a little about how to spread the word.

      I have tried to stimulate interest with Peter David (at his blog), Tony Isabella (when he still had his blog) and Comics Buyer’s Guide. I got a comment posted on the first two in streams that were about something else, but I never got the attention of the immensely powerful overseers. I haven’t tried Wizard, and I don’t have a sense of who matters among the website blogs that are not extensions of people I know through their hard copy outlets (i.e., Peter and Tony have columns in CBG). Perhaps others in the Feedback-verse can participate in suggesting targets, which I or others can approach.

      In so doing, I have assumed that the richest potential audience for Feedback is the universe of comic book fans, particularly those who like 60s Stan Lee style premises, writing, stories, etc. Stan gave us super-heroes who seemed more like real people; you and Matt et al. have taken that notion a big but natural step further along, but (I think) people haven’t noticed because the springboard (Who Wants to Be a Super Hero) looked like a comic con costume competition. If we can get just one forum interested in having the conversation and trying out the product, I think we may reach a take-off or critical mass point that will change the game in Feedback’s favor.

      But is there another place to look for a potential audience add-on? Between Marie and Nate the Newbie, I think the world of original audio stories set in fantasy and science fiction universes suggests itself. Perhaps the appeal would be different. Suppose some of us were to post a comment or ten on some of the other great Broken Sea series sites, something like if you liked Mark Kalita in X (because Mark seems to be everywhere, the Kevin Bacon of fantastic audio dramas), then you’ll really love him in Feedback: A Hero’s Calling — a daringly different (got to use that 60s Marvel phrasing to set the mood) fantastic series with the flavor of the shows and comics you’ve always loved plus extra texture and twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

      What thinkest thou?

      — John Hall

      • John Hall says:

        One more thought —

        Remember that little Season 2 teaser of sound bites you did for Feedback that ran for a while before Season 2 began airing?

        What if the various Broken Sea series put together teaser tapes — teasers of upcoming stories, teasers of the beginning for those new to the series who want to see it from the start — and made reciprocal arrangements with each other to air each other’s teaser tapes? I think for every series their prime source of added audience would be the audiences of the other series, so where better to advertise?

        More food for thought. Hope it’s helpful. — John Hall

  15. DangerWoman says:

    Dear John Hall And Outsource:

    I have talked about Feedback: A Hero’s Calling on The Regular Guys, A Radio Show in Atlanta, Georgia a few times and when the radio listeners heard my voice on the episode, Daddy’s Little Girl, Part One, they were very impressed by the way I did deliver the lines in the episode.

    Outsource, according to what you have said to John Hall, that my episode of F: AHC, would finally be released between Christmas and New Years, with the possibility that it might be released in 2011, before the all new stories in Season Three in the coming year.

    And finally, I know that it has not been an easy task for me to be very patient about this season two finale episode that I am involved in, but I feel as if this waiting is as bad as my disabled brethern having to wait, according to one of them, it is a long wait for them to get the needed services for them to succeed in the community, because of the blasted waiting lists and their internalized and externalized disabaphobia that was the reason why we have The Pardon of The Disabled in the first place.

    However, there are some wishes that I do want fulfilled, since Christmas is next week:

    1. I wish that in Season Three, that Feedback does a Christmas Episode.
    2. I wish that we would win some Icepicks and some Parasec Awards for this season.
    3. And my final wish is to meet John Hall, Nate The Newbie, Outsource and Marie and everyone at Brokensea Audio.

    And speaking of meeting people, I did get to see The Defuser at Wizard World Atlanta Comic Con and his lovely wife, Norma.
    The Defuser was stunned and shocked that I was THE VERY FIRST FAN of the whole holiday season to bring him his first Christmas Gift Of The Holiday Season.
    And he really loved the Christmas gift I got him, being that my Danger Sense told me that he was going to need those travel sized gentlemen’s shower things.

    And in exchange, I was able to get Season Two of Who Wants To Be A Superhero and his comic book, which he autographed.

    When I said goodbye to him and Mrs. Defuser, aka Norma, I gave them my card and wished them Happy Holidays.

    And Speaking of Happy Holidays, I have to do my rendition of Of We Wish You A Merry Christmas From Brokensea Audio Song for you all, being that next week is Christmas and I will be booked up with activities.

    Well, I better go now. May I take this time to wish everyone at Brokensea Audio and you, the fans the best for the Holiday Season and a great 2011.

    Until we meet on the net, GAME ON!

    Yours In The Fight For Justice,

  16. John Hall says:

    Matthew and Sarah — Yesterday I dropped in on the Tech Support website and saw that the latest string was all about your baby-boy-on-the-way news. Congratulations!

    I wondered out loud what name might be given to a “Little Feedback” and my wife suggested BUZZ! That was good enough that I thought I would pass it on to the Broken Sea part of the Feedback-verse, along with an invitation for other faithful fans of Feedback to provide Matt and Sarah with ideas they surely don’t want or need for a name or nickname for Baby Boy Atherton.

    — John Hall

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