Feedback:A Hero’s Calling S02E10 “A Work In Progress”, Pt III

Alan White, Caith Donovan & Richard Brooks II


Tech Support is reeling with the revelation that their whole foundation might be based on a lie–but that’s no consolation to The Defuser and his team as they find themselves stranded in cyberspace with a hungry and monstrous Antivirus!

Starring in this episode are our heroes
Jarrett Crippen as The DEFUSER and Matt Atherton as FEEDBACK

supported by the voice acting talents of

Bernadette M Groves as the RECEPTIONIST

Mark Kalita as BLACKTHORN
Kim Gianopoulos as K2
Steve Anderson as FORTHRIGHT
Mike Sims as ROUTER

Elie Hirschman as CONSOLE
Mike Winters as TOM
Sarah Blevins as SARAH
Alan White as OUTSOURCE

David A. Price as The FIGURER
Richard Brooks as QUIP
Howard Margolin as PALADIN

Amber Love as AMBER
Keith Knudsen as BACK-UP
Brandon Cole as FREAKOPAEDIA
Zack Fester as CODEC
Tiffany Braford PIPER MAGE

Caith Donovan as SPARROW
Paeter Frandsen as PRE-FETCH
Chris Barnes as JAMES
Mark Gianopoulos as TAYLOR
Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard as LILY
Damon Fries as STEPHEN
Bernadette M Groves as WISP
Rachel Steiner as ANGELUS

Also featured are the original character concepts created by Matthew Atherton, Sarah Blevins, and the members of Tech Support who can be found at

Feedback’s theme, “My Calling” was written and performed by Jeffrey Wayne Kirkpatrick.
Series’ original score by David A. Krause. You can find David’s music compositions for “A Hero’s Calling” at
In addition, the following soundtracks;
“Scene #7” by cjacks
“The Opening, Watchmaker Cue” by David Beard
can be found at Podsafe Audio located at

Post-Production by Alan White
Return next month for the conclusion of “A Work In Progress”

The following Audio Drama is rated PG-13 (Persons Younger than 13 Should be Accompanied by an Adult). For more info:

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