The Story of Feedback: A Hero’s Calling

“Every morning, I wake up to a mechanical alarm clock, put on my dampening suit, and cross my fingers that the game I’m about to play is going to be the “right” one. If I don’t, two things happen. One, my feedback field remains active and I fry every electronic piece of equipment within 30 feet of me. And two, I will have no superpowers to save the world.”

“My name is Feedback, and these are my stories”

“Before the explosion that infused my body with the feedback field, I was simply a computer scientist and a little out of touch with computer games. That’s where a remarkable group of people known as Tech Support comes in. They assess my missions, supply me with the games I need, monitor my progress, and patch me up — because the greater the intensity at which I use the powers, the faster they dissipate.

“What I haven’t told you is …if I use a game ability, I lose a memory. Every act of heroism that requires these powers is a conscious choice to lose part of who I am. Sometimes that isn’t easy to do.

“But what other choice do I have?

The world needs a hero.”

Follow the new adventures of Feedback, the champion of SyFy Network’s ‘Who Wants To Be A Superhero…?’ now featured at BrokenSea.

Matthew Atherton takes superheroism to a new level as he dons the mantle of Feedback and joins his Tech Support in a series of original superpowered tales crafted to awaken the HERO in all of us.

“My Calling” theme written and performed by Jeffrey Wayne Kirkpatrick

Original Audio Scores (except where noted) by David A. Krause

Post-Production work by Alan White (interviewed at Destinies, on 9/3/10)

Graphic Logos for “A Hero’s Calling” and “BetaFlight” Titles designed by Adam Ledzion