Feedback:A Hero’s Calling S02E09 “A Work In Progress, Pt II”

Alan White, Caith Donovan, Richard Brooks II, and David A. Krause

A fan meets Feedback, his TV idol, but gets more than he bargained for when he finds himself in the middle of an assassination attempt! Meanwhile The Defuser and his team are back–but do they mean weal … or woe?!
Featured in this episode is the voice talent of Jarrett Crippen as The DEFUSER!
as well as

AMBER – Amber Love
DAVID – David Krause
FIGURER – David A. Price
QUIP – Richard Brooks
PALADIN – Howard Margolin
SPARROW – Caith Donovan
PRE-FETCH – Paeter Frandsen
ROUTER – Mike Sims
BACK-UP – Keith Knudsen
BLACKTHORN – Mark Kalita
OUTSOURCE – Alan White
FORTHRIGHT – Steve Anderson
K2 – Kim Gianopoulos
SARAH – Sarah Blevins
FIREWALL – Steven Jay Cohen

and guest starring the hosts of as themselves
Bryan Deemer as BRYAN
Brian Christman as PANTS
Shane Kelly as SHANE
Peter Rios as PETER
Jamie D’ellesandro as JAMIE D


Sarah Blevins as SARAH
Matt Atherton as FEEDBACK

Also featured are the original character concepts created by Matthew Atherton, Sarah Blevins, and the members of Tech Support who can be found at
Feedback’s theme, “My Calling” was written and performed by Jeffrey Wayne Kirkpatrick.
Series’ original score by David A. Krause. You can find David’s music compositions for “A Hero’s Calling” at
In addition, the following soundtracks;
The Outsyder, “Only A Dreamer”
Victor Stellar “After The War”
can be found at Podsafe Audio located
Post production was done by Alan White
Thank you for listening and be watching next month as “A Work In Progress” continues!

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7 Responses to Feedback:A Hero’s Calling S02E09 “A Work In Progress, Pt II”

  1. John Hall says:

    I write this as the dazzling new layout of the Feedback archives lies open before me and the newest episode plays. Ideally, I would be toasting this with a glass of wine, but that will have to wait until this evening. Listening to the latest Feedback goodness couldn’t wait, and I expect to top myself off with replays of my favorite older episodes.

    Of course, I have a question or two.

    Alan, I think you had posted just before Broken Sea went down that you had the 4 final episodes of Season 2 ready to release on a monthly schedule, as well as several episodes of Feedback Conversations ready to spot in during off weeks. Could you update us all on the new post-recovery release schedule for FAHC, Feedback Conversations, and Beta Flight? After a couple months of cold turkey withdrawal, I’ll be looking for extra maintenance doses of the best superhero audio drama around, and I’m hoping your plans will be accelerated to make that possible. — John Hall

  2. Alan says:

    As soon as The Crud ™ leaves a few more of our principle players alone, S02E10 will go live. I project it to be available on 10/28/10. A week after that, BetaFlight Episode 7; “Keeping Up With The Joneses”, will begin a story arc (no pun intended) that, if the actors’ reactions were any indication, will really dazzle and thrill folks! So look for that on 11/4/10, now here on these pages and in the same feed.

  3. DangerWoman says:

    Dear Everyone:
    I can’t shake this Danger Sense feeling that I have about the current story arc, that I am very honored to be a part of.

    And my Danger Sense is telling me that the final part of this Season Two Finale, in which
    I just felt as if I heard a telepathic rumor about the air date for my episode.
    I felt as if I am hearing this rumor saying that it might be a little Christmas gift to not only Feedback, but also to everyone at Brokensea!

    And speaking of Christmas, I need to get to work on another F:AHC Fan Fic, which is a sequel to last year’s Feedback Saves Christmas. I know that once it is complete, it will be very bittersweet.

    Just then, The Danger Force Pets run in, wagged their tails and look so cute.
    They bark and mew, as if to say: Listen for us on Feedback: A Hero’s Calling!

    In case you did not understand what my pets were saying, they were trying to tell the humans to listen for them in the final part of A Work In Progress.

    Danny Boy nuzzles me, as if to say: Any word about Season Three yet, DW?

    (In Telepathic Mode) No, Danny Boy. The humans have NOT talked about it yet, but if I know Outsource and the nice humans at Brokensea, they will annouce it when the time is appropriate.

    You have to excuse Danny Boy, loyal Feedback Fans.
    He may be a Fabio Swiss Collie, but he sometimes worries about not only me, but he also worries about Feedback as well. He can’t help it if he and his puppies and kittens think it is their job to protect us. Not only that, Sarah would kill me and lecture the pets if anything happens to Feedback!

    Oh no! My Danger Sense tells me that I have to go and prepare for my annual Holiday Campaign of Good Deeds and Public Appearances, which is called Holiday Hero!

    But, DO NOT be sad, Feedback Fans! You will hear from me soon!

    Until we meet on the net, GAME ON!

    Yours In The Fight For Justice,

  4. John Hall says:

    Alan — One thing I missed in the latest episode of Feedback was the use of Jeffrey Wayne Kirkpatrick’s great theme at the beginning, not just the end, and the use of David Krause’s great series music throughout. It seemed ironic that just as David was flexing his wings to good effect on the acting side, his greatest contribution to the series was not in evidence. I’ve learned that things rarely happen by accident on FAHC, so I’m wondering if dropping out the music was done by design, perhaps to create a less swashbuckling mood — less Eric Korngold, more Lost? — John Hall

  5. Alan says:

    Oops, missed the 28th, didn’t I? Could stop with the polish-ups and retouches! Hopefully it’ll make the extra week worth the wait.

    John, you underestimate Mr. Krause’s talent. 🙂 About 80% of this episode was still his score, written and performed by himself. The departure you mention begins around mark 7:10, and absolutely was intended to convey less swashbuckle and more gravity as PreFetch and Sparrow trade war stories. The intention there is to emphasize the fact that yes, while danger is taken on and adventure occurs … it doesn’t often feel like such for those actually going through it. Especially when mortal stakes are held in the balance. The second departure from David’s score was again to strike a different tone during the tensions between Sarah & Firewall.

    Hopefully the right tones were set and didn’t subtract from the overall experience!

    And hey, is there anyone else out there listening to the show besides me, John, and DangerWoman? I’d love to dialog with you no matter how much or little you have to say! Take advantage of webgods David Sobkowiak and demigod Eric Petersen’s page redesign! Comment away!

    • John Hall says:

      Alan — I’m just back from a week in Hangzhou, China, where every TV channel was lacking English, even subtitles, and so every evening (or early morning) was a Feedback orgy — the only (available) entertainment good enough for China!

      And in re-listening (and re-re-listening) to the latest episode, I did notice the subtleties of the Krause soundtrack. Not only the absence of music where I’d noticed it, but the much more subdued, less exuberant music in other spots. Excellent mood-setting, and sometimes the best music is the music you don’t notice.

      I hope someone takes you up on your encouragement of more commenters. My sense is that Feedback combines the best of original audio dramas and modern comic book story-telling, but is viewed by each of the audiences as belonging more to the other camp. I’ve written twice to Comics Buyer’s Guide to try to get a letter to the editor in so that people will at least be aware of the show’s existence and charms, but (so far) to no avail. I will renew my suggestion that someone send a free disk to some of the more visible reviewers in the print and on-line comics community — and let us committed listeners know when you do so we can send in letters to back your play.

      — John Hall

  6. DangerWoman says:

    Dear Everyone:

    First off, to John Hall. Welcome home! The Pets and I missed your honored words of comment here on Feedback: A Hero’s Calling>

    Second, to Outsource. In response to your comment on Halloween, I do forgive you for the recent delay of Season Two, Episode 10, which I know will be worth the wait, however, my Danger Sense tells me that my part in Season Two, Episode 11, might be the best birthday and Christmas Gift that our hero will ever get, next to my upcoming Feedback: A Hero’s Calling Fan Fiction, Feedback’s Christmas In Atlanta, in which it will be my job in helping him and his heroic friends try to understand the many sights, sounds and attractions that Atlanta, Georgia has during the Christmas Season.

    I hope that you all won’t be mad at me, but yes, there was some kissy kissy under the mistletoe in two different scenes of my story, but you fans will have to read this cool two hour holiday special, once I get some more dialogue into the story.

    And speaking of the story, I know that John Hall is going to ask me if Deathmatch might try to cause some serious trouble during the course of this story.

    He will NEVER get the information out of me or my pets!

    Anyway, I hope that you all will have another episode that is indeed worth the wait.
    And, while you all are waiting for my appearance in the Season Two Finale, A Work In Progress, mosey on down to your local Borders Bookstore or order it at, the best doggone book of Holiday 2010, in which I am talking about my appearance in Mike McMullen’s book, I, Superhero.
    And if you want to know where I am at, my part of the story is from Pages 293 to 295 in the book.
    Also, look for my movie, Disabled But Able To Rock: The Danger Woman Movie on the IMDB. If there is one movie you see this holiday season and into early next year, my movie, Disabled But Able To Rock is the one YOU DO NOT want to miss!
    Trembling timechecks! I need to get some more lines into the fan fiction script and file my status report to Feedback!

    Until we meet on the net, at your local bookstore and your local movie theater, GAME ON!

    Yours In The Fight For Justice,

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