Feedback: A Hero’s Calling: S02E07 “Daddy’s Little Girl, Conclusion”

by Alan White
What are the monsters ravaging Tech Support? Does Feedback have the key to stopping them … or must he suffer an even worse fate to ensure their survival?
Featured in this episode are the voice talents of
Steeven Orr as Michael BARTON
Keith Cunningham as BLUE STREAK
Sarah Blevins as SARAH
Matt Atherton as FEEDBACK
Elie Hirschman as CONSOLE
Craig L. Dye as REBOOT
Kim Gianopolous as K2
Mike Winters as LIVEINHEAVEN
Paul Mannering as CORSAIR
Paeter Frandsen as PRE-FETCH
Mike Sims as ROUTER
Cheryl Cunningham as JULIA
Tim O’Donnell as BACK-UP
Steven Jay Cohen as FIREWALL
Zack Fester as CODEC
Brandon Cole as FREAKOPAEDIA
Caith Donovan as SPARROW
Courtney Schwarz as MNEMONIC
Featured are the character concepts created by Matthew Atherton, Sarah Blevins, and the members of Tech Support, found at
Post production was done by Alan White
Feedback’s theme, “My Calling” was written and performed by Jeffrey Wayne Kirkpatrick.
Series’ original score by David A. Krause. You can find David’s music compositions for “A Hero’s Calling” at

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6 Responses to Feedback: A Hero’s Calling: S02E07 “Daddy’s Little Girl, Conclusion”

  1. Larry J. Renfro says:

    Would like to download this too………:0

  2. stevie says:

    Hiya Folks,

    This Episode is now back online again ….


    • John Hall says:

      Stevie — Thanks very much for restoring these essential parts of the episodic run of Feedback: A Hero’s Calling! This might be a useful time to provide an overview of what remains to be done:

      There are two episodes for which most of the episode remains un-reposted (if that’s a word): Season 1, Never in a Thousand Years (only 6 seconds posted) and Season 2, Eyes on the Sparrow, Part 2 (only 9 seconds posted). Less importantly there are two other episodes — Season 1’s What Was Lost and Season 1’s Cover of Darkness, Part 2 — which are fully re-posted but don’t show the time length of the episode on the main page.

      Down the road, I would love to see the comments to earlier episodes reposted as well. I don’t know if they exist in anyone’s downloaded files, but among the missing comments is my “Feedback” song lyrics to the tune of “Pacman Fever”.

      Thanks for the ongoing recovery efforts! — John Hall

      • stevie says:

        Thanks for U’re kind words John.

        Appreciate it M80. And I’ve chat to Alan about getting these extra shows back online soon.

        • stevie says:

          The final missing shows are online now folks, asn the issue over the duration not showing on a couple of Season 1 Eps has also been fixed.

          Enjoy !


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