FEEDBACK: A HERO’S CALLING Episode #3 “A Friend In Deed”

By Alan White
Based upon the character concept created by Matthew Atherton and Sarah Blevins
Coffeehouse CLERK – Robin Carlisle
Coffeehouse BARISTA – Mike Winters
Coffeehouse CUSTOMER – Kim Gianopoulus
OUTSOURCE – Oliver Tull
BLACKTHORN – Mark Kalita
FORTHRIGHT- Steve Anderson
REBOOT – Andrey Kuznetsov
FEEDBACK/SPECTRE – Matthew Atherton
CONSOLE – Elie Hirschman
NITRO G – Darren Passarello
SARAH – Sarah Blevins
“I Wanna Go Home” was written and performed by Samantha Murphy from her album ’somewhere between starving and stardom.’ More about Samantha can be found at
“My Calling” theme written and performed by Jeffrey Wayne Kirkpatrick
Original Audio Score by David A. Krause
Post-Production work by Alan White.

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