Beta Flight: An Ill-Timed Affair, Conclusion

by Alan White
Is there any way to return Mach 5 and Wolf-Girl back to the world they call home?
Starring in this production are the voice talents of
Mike Winters as MACH 5
MJ Cogburn as WOLF-GIRL
Lyn Cullen as ANGELUS
Phill Moxley as EMERALD KNIGHT
Aaron Einhorn (INE-horn) as PATRIARCH
Ashley Uhl (Yule) as UPLOAD
Craig L. Dye as RENEGADE
Jeremiah McCoy as THE GREEN MAN
David A. Krause as JITTER
Post-production was done by Alan White,
featuring Beta Flight’s theme song,
“No Compromise” by Pitbull Daycare
Permission obtained by Ken McLaughlin

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