Stay tuned!

The outstanding adventures of Feedback will resume soon with all the excitement and drama you’ve come to expect!

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  1. John Hall says:

    Alan and company —

    Since you have a separate button for “Show updates”, why not provide more frequent postings — there has only ever been one — on current plans (nothing binding, just current intentions) regarding (1) when episodes will air for Season 3 and a synopsis of the story for the first Season 3 episode(s), (2) same for Beta Flight and Feedback Conversations, and (3) plans for reloading the rest of the material lost to the hacking. On that last point, will you eventually be reloading the comments posted for all episodes or only the episodes themselves. I am asking selfishly because one of those postings has the only extant copy of my tribute song, “Feedback Fever”. Danger Woman’s recent posting about plans for a song called “Fight Back Feedback” in Season 3 reminded me of my earlier contribution.

    Thanks. — John Hall

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