Keep Talking

SKiFfle - Keep Talking (Pink Floyd Cover)

Some folks will ask why I decided to cover this song …

Well, basically I was between productions of Doctor Who and Maudelayne. And so for fun, I decided to keep my hand in musically whilst I awaited lines arriving for those shows. Pink Floyd are one of my all-time favourite bands, and this is a song that’s come to mean a great deal to me. I love the lyrics and positive sentiment that centres around keeping dialogues open.

Steven Hawking’s speach on the Intro. is nothing short of truly inspirational. I simply had to cover this one, and have been chomping at the bit for some time now. The time was right …

For those interested in the Techie side of things …

Production on this track was via my trusty old Sonar Studio 6 – Producer Edition Software, using a variety of VST Soft-Synths (Roland GrooveSynths, Roland DreamStation DXi’s, and the utterly fabulous Pentagon II etc.) As with all of my Productions, I also used a ton of effects, particularly on the vocals. These included the wonderful Sonus series of Modulators, Delays, and Flanges, and the ace Orange Vocoder. I also ran the Lead Vocals through a High-Pass Filter (Amongst a number of other effects) to give the impression that our central character is singing over a phone !

So if this an Audio Drama Site, where’s the actual Drama / Story in this Piece ? ..

Not gonna give everything away here, as I wanna leave something to the imagination etc. What I will say though, is that the whole thing kicks off and ends with an actual recording from one of the Apollo missions, where we hear it said that some unusual rays are found on the moon. You hear a satellite dish rotate, and Morse Code being beamed into space. And yes, those Morse Blips actually do spell out “Keep Talking” (Special thanks to my good friend Bruce Busby).

Enjoy !

Stevie K. Farnaby (AKA SKiFfle)

Pushing the Audio Envelope …

Stevie K Farnaby

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– “Wow! Wonderful piece, that. I just put Altecs (with a kick-ass sub) in, and that gave ’em a full-spectrum workout. The field for the HF moves around entrancingly at the start (and I really like the inclusion of the universal disconnect tones). Great follow-through on the body.”

– “Stevie this was very cool, I am not a fan of covers, but I liked this a lot! You effectively made this cover your own, it still has that Pink Floyd feel, but more like SKiFfLe has joined the band, not taken over completely. It also lends itself quite well as an intro to your Electric Grasshopper EP, almost like they nearly saw the invasion coming . . .”

– “This is one of my favourite Pink Floyd songs and you’ve done an awesome job of it, Stevie! Very emotive, and it gives the impression you’re drifting through space. I love the phased sweeps and vocoder parts in particular. Great solos as well!”

NOTE: This Music Track is rated PG for parental guidance. For more info:

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