SKiFfle - Electric Grasshopper

A unique and innovative form of story-telling, that combines elements of music and drama, to create an unnerving, disturbing tale of alien invasion, giant man-eating bugs, and hopelessness. Pure unadulterated atmospheric mayhem ensues …

This E.P. is the culmination of 2 weeks of working into the wee small hours, editing sound effects, creating arpeggios, and generally freaking myself out! – LOL Hope you all enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed creating …

Stevie K. Farnaby (AKA SKiFfle)

Pushing the Audio Envelope …

Stevie K Farnaby

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– “Far Out !!!”

– “I also listened to Electric Grasshopper, (just the first one so far) which was dead impressive. It conjured up a whole atmosphere and images really well. A while back someone did a tribute gig to Delia Derbyshire in a local disused gravel pit, setting her music (and modern homages to it) to animation that was projected on the pit walls. It was fantastic, but also really unnerving, too, and this reminded me very much of that experience! Really great.”

– “Excellent, excellent! and, did I say excellent? Very cool effects, production, all of the above. Scary and exhilarating at the same time.”

– “This is quite a piece of work! Something new presents itself with every listen on both these tracks. Invasion is really creepy in places, and I like how clean & high fidelity it sounds. It really puts you in that world (I’ll have to try it with headphones!). I particularly like the stuff going on at 3:40. There’s a sound in there like evil crickets, that’s really cool.”

– “Currently, as I write this email to you, I am listening to “Electric Grasshopper” and “Invasion” for the third time since downloading them about half an hour ago- it is 17 minutes past midnight on 09-February-2008 and I have to confess I am terrified out of my mind – Grasshoppers, you say? Electric ones? …..From Another Planet??!!!??????? Wahhhaaarghhhh!!!!!”

– “I am listening to Electric Grasshopper as I type- by Stevie Farnaby. I have listened to it about thirty times now- and it gets better and better. I urge you all not only listen to it- share it with your friends…They will thank you.”

– “I absolutely love this track! I can hear Jean-Michel Jarre in it as well :-)”

– “It also reminded me of YMO for some reason. I have listened to it half a dozen times now – It gets even better with repeated play.”

– “It’s great to hear you doing some music again! Some very cool sounds here. The way the song changes tempo & style took a little getting used to, but gives it a soundtrack feel, in keeping with the title (nice bit of artwork too!). The sequences are nice. I can definitely hear the Jarre Magnetic Fields influence…”

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