Episode 7 – The Oncoming Storm

All his life, he has wandered, wandered across the known Universe, in search of answers. He has learned many things… dark, forgotten arts of myth and power. In a Nexus linking 18th Century Old Earth to the Distant future on New Earth, The Doctor (Mark Kalita), Olivia (Adriana Melendez), and Francois Rakoczi (Stephen Kilcullen) encounter tainted Spectrox, Mind Control, and the true secrets of Immortality.

Written by Steven J. Cohen
Produced, Directed and Engineered by Stevie K. Farnaby

Featuring the voice talents of:
Mark Kalita
Adriana Melendez
Stephen Kilcullen
M Sieiro Garcia
David Sobkowiak
Damaris Mannering
David MacIver
Stevie K Farnaby
Paul Lavelle
Laura Frechette

The following Audio Drama is rated PG-13 (Persons Younger than 13 Should be
Accompanied by an Adult). For more info:

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