The Adventure Begins (again)!

In January 2008, a new chapter in the adventures of The Doctor begin!

BrokenSea has assembled a talented crew of actors, writers, and technicians to bring our vision of The Doctor’s World to your MP3 player.

Blending elements of the old and new series, join The Doctor, George, and Olivia as they face fears unknown and old enemies reborn.

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7 Responses to The Adventure Begins (again)!

  1. David Gordon says:

    Is there any way to download all podcasts from the first on? I only just discovered your site and the Dr Who storied, but I couldn’t see any way to access and download or play episodes earlier than several in from the start of the story. Can I buy a CD with them on, if not, why not, we don’t all have the internet at home or work! My mobile (Windows) can’t display or use some of the site, and that is my only connection!

    • stevie says:

      Hiya David,

      And of course, thanks for listening.

      We don’t actually sell anything at BrokenSea, and so unfortunately, there’s no CD’s available.

      However, all episodes are online to play and download. The Site only displays a few episodes per page. Bottom left of each page, is a link “-Older Posts” which brings up the next page of episodes. On the right hand tool bar you can also access the episodes per season. If you have an IPhone or IPad etc, U can also use the Mobile site at (For none Apple Mobile devices we recommend using the Opera Browser). And finally they’re all on iTunes as well,

      Hope that helps, and again thanks for listening.

      Producer / Director of BSAP Dr. Who

  2. Sylana says:

    Sorry to direct to another website, but… the series originated here-
    It’s the origin of the Mark Kalita Doctor, as he’s newly regenerated. They do two seasons, then Mark’s Doctor transfers here, and they have their Doctor regen into David Ault and continue with him as their Doctor. I’m currently listening to that one, and catching up with this one, so it’s kind of interesting hearing two completely divergent storylines.

    • MAK says:

      Divergent indeed. I’ll confess to not being able to hear much of DP Who since I left so I’m not fully aware of how they handled things after my departure or what liberties might have been taken as a result to allow them to continue their rendition of the show. As such, we at BSAP cannot and do not claim any canonical connection to David’s incarnation of the Doctor; but we do wish them continued success.

  3. Michael Pollard says:

    Has brokensea audio Doctor Who finished? Are you experiencing similar problems to Darker Projects regarding mixers?

    There are few and far between audio plays, the dwad being the only other one i see as regular.


    • stevie says:

      Hiya Michael,

      Thanks for your inquiry.

      No, BSAP Who hasn’t finished. Sadly, we’ve the creative team has been experiencing a number of personal issues that’s all. We actually have a new Ep in Pipeline in fact. Keep checking back buddy.

  4. Ron White says:

    I have been a huge Doctor Who fan since the show was first aired in the U.S. in the early 1970s. Since then I have seen every episode of the TV series available. I did come late to the podcasts and I have really enjoyed them. Mark Kalita’s Doctor is one of the very best of all the Doctors (both Audio and TV). I do hope that you will be able to finish the story arc of season 4. In the meantime I plan on enjoying the episodes you have obtained from Darker Projects.

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