Trading Card – Zira

Zira Trading Card

And here’s the sixth of the unofficial BrokenSea Beneath the Planet of the Apes Digital Trading Cards. Free for Download-for all simians to enjoy! This week we bring you; Zira!

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2 Responses to Trading Card – Zira

  1. Bill Hollweg says:

    Ep 7 is about 1/2 wy mixed-hoping to have it completed in the next 2 weeks- keep the simian faith-more to come and thank you for listening!

    • Baran says:

      YAY AGAIN! Here’s hoping the rest of the seeirs is on the fast track!BTW, more than just cheerleading here, I must honestly say that the embelleshments on the storyline are truly inspired, expanding it light years beyond the original movie versions. And not having seen them in some time, the audio-only angle allows my mind’s eye to imagine the stories anew! Love it! Two prehensile thumbs up!

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