Episode 7

Based upon situations and Characters from the novel By Pierre Boulle and the SHOOTING SCRIPT- May 5, 1967 of “PLANET OF THE APES”- Original Screenplay by Michael Wilson. As well as the ideas of Mort Abrahams and the screenplay’s and drafts of the movie, “BENEATH THE PLANET OF THE APES“, by Paul Dehn, December 20, 1968 and (final shooting script) April 10, 1969, as well as ideas presented the book (Beneath the Planet of the Apes), adapted from the screenplay/written by: Michael Avallone.

This is a work of Fan Fiction, a celebration of the films I adore-in Audio-for the Simians and Lost Astronauts, everywhere…

This episode:
In Central City General Ursus’ gorilla troops are ready for war with their unknown enemy in the Forbidden Zone, while at the same time, the good General and Dr. Zaius discover that Cornelius and Zira are not the only chimpanzees who have stumbled onto the “dark secret” behind the rise of the simians and the fall of man…

While these dark developments are happening, the astronaut Brent and his mute companion Nova escape the simian city with Zira’s aid, only to be chased by Gorilla troops into the Forbidden Zone forcing the two human fugitives to hide in a cave holding it’s own ominous secrets. Farther off in the Forbidden Zone, in the underground city of the mutant humans, Albinia and Mendez quarrel even as Taylor painfully learns of the powers of the mutants of this diseased civilization of “Man” on this, the Planet of the APES!

Adapted for Audio and extended ideas/situations imagined by : Bill Hollweg.

BRENT (Astronaut) : COLIN SNOW
MILO (Chimpanzee) : JACK WARD

A HUGE thanks also tp my friends at the POTA Yahoo who again brought us tonight’s “Lesson from the Lawgiver”- this episode’s lesson written by: Elaine N. Howard.


And a Special Thanks to Rich Handley- the Prolific Simian who penned the 2 best Apes TOMES anywhere! Lexicon POTA and Timeline POTA!

NOTE! This show is rated PG-13 for parental guidance 13. Thanks Jack/Shan and Jeremy!! For more info: http://theaudiodramadirectory.com/ratings/

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12 Responses to Episode 7

  1. Bill Hollweg says:

    Hope all enjoyed- as the story gets darker the mixing gets even more complicated and fun to well- mix

  2. David Peters says:

    Excellent episode when will number 8 be released?

    David Peters

  3. Bill Hollweg says:

    Right now finishing the next 2 eps of Jake Sampson back to back so the arc will be complete for “Roof of the World”, then I’ll probably get to work on BPOTA again. Bear with me, each ep takes about 3-4 weeks to mix (2 hours a day 7 days a week) and I work 2 jobs so I do this from 4am to 6am- so as not to conflict with family time and my groovy Granddaughters my wife and I are raising and keeping this 44 year old on his simian toes-LOL

    That all said- hoping in the next 6-8 weeks to have the next ep ready barring anything in life getting in the way of art/ad

    Thanks a million for the kind words and for listening- means the world!

    • David Peters says:

      I like the expanded background information in the story. it reflects the old black and white Marvel comic book from the 1970’s.

      Keep up the goodwork.

      David Peters

  4. Bill Hollweg says:

    Thank you!

    Loved the B&W marvels!
    One of these days I plan on making the back story to the “Escape POTA” with the apes on a huge Spanish galleon type ship and the humans as slaves below decks.

    First must finish BPOTA though…
    Thanks again for listening!

  5. Miles says:

    Just recently started following your site, being an avid POTA fan myself I marvel at the great work put forth for this episodic take on Beneath, as my favorite is escape I can not wait until that one is started, thank you again for making a mediocre movie into such a wonderous adventure, I can no longer watch beneath without thinking of these.

  6. Bill Hollweg says:

    Many MANY THANKS for the kind words Miles!

    Seriously this has made my day after a tough year in the “real life” realms!

    More BPOTA coming soon- just work and life and getting some other shows off my mix desk have gotten in the way of more Simians for the present.
    Bear with me.

    That said- thank you again!


  7. Bill Hollweg says:

    Should be getting back to mixing more simian audio next week.
    Sorry for the delay in BPOTA #8

  8. Chad Adams says:

    just wanna say, being as this is my first comment on this site, I was amazed when i first stumbled upon the POTA audio drama, and was again amazed at the elaborations done on the story, tying the story into the following one much better than hollywood was able to. I hope to see this continued to contain the entire storyline, maybe even Rise of POTA. Furthermore its good to see that claasic scriptwriting appreciation ISNT as dead as I had thought. I would love to be a part of this somehow, but i gather that you are well-manned for the task at hand. Keep up the good work!

  9. Bill Hollweg says:

    Thank you for the kind words!!!!

    I do plan on doing all 5 films- whether I add Rise (though I enjoyed the film- far better than TimBurton’s disaster…) not sure at this point.

    Seriously appreciate the kidn words on the scripting as well- humbled I am- thank you!
    If you are interested in joining the fun- I am always looking for more Gorialls and Mutants etc to broaden the voice acting fun!

    At present- I mix everything I script on POTA/BPOTA etc as well as my other Shows “The Saga of the Grog and Gryphon” and “Jake Sampson: Monster Hunter” so not alot of time for extra POTA mixing.

    I will say at some point I plan on doing some spin off bits for “within cannon” but original tales outside the calssic movies ( for instance some of the back story comics from Marvel B&W or some original short one offs in the Simian realms. Just no time to mix it currently.

    My email is: billhollweg@gmail.com if you want to VA or just chew the ol fat (yes I Live in West Texas ya’ll-LOL)

    Anyway- thank you!!!

  10. Bill Hollweg says:

    AT work- bear with the typos as I should be working…………LOL

  11. Bill Hollweg says:

    I may open up a call ofr original tales set in the POTA universe once I get BPOTA done

    short 1 off adventures set in the CANNON timeline.

    Hollar if you have an interest!


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