Doctor Who Season 4 …

Hiya Folks,

Just a quick heads up. Production on Season 4 of Doctor Who has been delayed. This has been due to several factors surrounding the “Triad of Time” Creative Team (Earthquake in Christchurch, Illnesses, and the fact that I’ve been rebuilding the BSAP Web-Site following the hack last year). We’re expecting Season 4 to kick off on a much bigger scale than ever, around the end of June. Expect a few surprise Whovian releases leading up to that point …

Stevie (AKA SKiFfle)
Producer / Director of Doctor Who.

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  1. TravelingTardis says:

    Sounds good hope to be able to keep up or start from season one to hear them. Been having issues with internet. Still working on another script might have to make some revisionss though. 🙂

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