Episode 7 – The Quorum of Time – Part 1

Every end has its beginning …

A millennium in the past the Doctor and Amanda find themselves in the middle of an ongoing war between two ancient enemies. The Doctor must ensure that humanity’s future and his own past remain unchanged. Even though this means the greatest hero the world has ever known must sacrifice himself for the greatest prize in all history

Written by Paul Mannering & Mark Kalita With Additional Concepts suggested by Stevie K. Farnaby

Produced, Directed and Engineered by Stevie K. Farnaby

Featuring the Voice Talent of :-
Mark Kalita as The Doctor
Robin Carlisle as Amanda Waterfield
Doug Manllen as King Arthur and Destroyer
Cary Ayers as Mordred
Bernadette M. Groves as Morgaine
Chris Barnes as Ancelyn
Damaris Mannering as Guinevere
Michael Hudson as Knight Commander
Stevie K. Farnaby as Peter

The Dr. Who Theme Gold Versus Howell recorded by Darthjedi 2005, based on the original Theme by Ron Grainer and realised by Delia Derbyshire. Also used in this episode were various Lute recordings by Franscesca Torelli and Ambient Electronic pieces by Kirsty Harkshaw

The following Audio Drama is rated PG-13 (Persons Younger than 13 Should be
Accompanied by an Adult). For more info:

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3 Responses to Episode 7 – The Quorum of Time – Part 1

  1. John Hall says:

    Greetings fans of Broken Sea’s Dr. Who and of the myriad creators who make it possible!

    If you liked this work from the likes of Mark Kalita, Robin Carlisle and the Mannerings, then I have great news for you.

    You can hear them in a very different but yet importantly similar audio adventure elsewhere in the Broken Sea universe.

    The show is called Feedback: A Hero’s Calling. Spinning off from the TV reality show, Who Wants to Be a Super-Hero, FAHC — recently wrapping up its second stellar season — tells the story of a young video game researcher caught in an industrial accident who gains amazing powers, a cool costume, and a diverse group of supporting specialists.

    Mark Kalita — the man who is part of every audio drama — plays John Blackthorne, former marine officer and now senior officer of Tech Support, the group of supporting specialists. Listen to Mark’s hard-edged jarhead and try to find traces of the British-inflected Time Lord he plays here.

    Robin Carlisle — who plays the Doctor’s latest companion here — began with a couple of bit parts on Feedback, then took on a part that was made for her — as a character named Robin Carlisle! Robin Carlisle, the character, is one of several other super-heroes who have emerged in the FAHC universe (and recent stories have begun to suggest that all those other super-powers just might be unintended results of subconscious wish-fulfillment exercise of Feedback’s powers). A spin-off series, Beta Flight, focuses on these newer heroes and their training and early adventures, featuring Damaris Mannering (yet another star of this show) as Shadow Sword.

    That only leaves the male half of the Mannering mob in a recurring role as Corsair, one of Feedback’s opponents out of Errol Flynn gone wrong.

    I come to you not as someone with a personal stake in the success of the show but as a fan and acolyte of Matthew Atherton (Feedback) and his world, hoping to spread the word to others whose entertainment choices suggest they might find the show as dependably entertaining, inspiring and thought-provoking as do I.

    So check it out, starting with Season 1, episode 2 (the first Broken Sea episode and the one that introduces Mark Kalita’s character). If you like it, post a note and tell ’em I sent ya. If you don’t like it, well, at least I tried.

    — John Hall, Ph.D. (a doctor but not the Doctor)

    • MAK says:

      Thanks very much for your kind words and feedback about…Feedback, John. Yeah, I have tended to get around a bit over the years. ; )

      For the record, my Doctor actually debuted at Darker Projects productions quite some time ago. All of my earliest adventures (including those with my first companion, Rain, and the debut of George, my second one) should still be over there, too, if you want to give ’em a listen.

      ~ MAK (The Doctor. The definite article you might say)

  2. Bob Morehead says:

    What happened to the iTunes subscription for this show? I had to download this episode manually. Updating my iTunes subscription brought me nothing. Of course I can continue to get the show this way but the iTunes service is very convenient.

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