Hope you don’t suffer with Vertigo ! – LOL

Grand Canyon earlier today. Quite simply, one of the most impressive and stunningly beautiful places I have ever seen.

And yep, that’s one mighty big hole !!! – LOL

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6 Responses to Hope you don’t suffer with Vertigo ! – LOL

  1. themanitou says:

    Wow, these pics are stunning. They give the canyon a whole different feel to any other photos/film I’ve seen of it. And snow too – it doesn’t seem to fit, LOL!

    • stevie says:

      Thanks Josh,

      It’s an absolutely staggering sight. Kinda on a scale that has to be seen to fully appreciate it too. Truly beautiful. As for the snow, it’s sorta like everything else I’ve done out here. I’ve seen and done things in a real left of field odd way. Way more than I was hoping for, or dreamed of. Quite simply an awe-inspiring trip.

  2. Paul Gifford says:

    It is an amazingly place isnt it? Wish I could have been there with you my friend…

  3. Paul Gifford says:

    amazingly beautiful I meant to say!

  4. Georgie says:

    It all looks so beautiful! I hope you had a great time out there. I wish it would snow around here some time!

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