Jay Ellington-Lee (AKA JEL)

Jay Ellington-Lee (AKA JEL)

Born Hollywood CA. at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital, it’s the main scientology center now.

I went to The Arnold Academy in Pembroke MA (collage Prep.) It is now a Catholic retreat. The house I grew up in is now just another housing development in the LA area.

Spent several years on the streets of NYC. Lived and worked as a composer, Musician Arranger in NYC, LA, London, I love Chocolate, Rock N’ Roll and Sci-Fi Jazz and tinkering with Electronic circuitry.

I have a wonderful wife, a daughter with grandchildren, a nephew with two kids and a very small Dog. I’m a Piano player and also compose and score music on Synthesizer; for Radio, Multi-media, Film, and Video.

My Blood type is A-RH negative …

My outlook on life is A-positive …

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