An Alien World ? …

Spent a few hours today exploring some of the scenery, and caught one truly breathtaking Sunset. Incredible just how life is out there in the desert, and how awe-inspiring the sights actually are.

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  1. AlanC says:

    Hi Stevie,
    Glad to see your enjoying yourself and putting that camera of yours to good use!
    If you want me to do something with the old sal cheq then get mand to call me bud. OK.
    Regards to JEL.
    Cheers Stevie.

    • stevie says:

      Loving it out here Al,

      Have a ton of pics to show yer. The 2 vids on here were also shot on my camera BTW.

      On the salary cheque, please just mail out Recorded Delivery if that’s cool? Thanks M80

  2. madge farnaby says:

    What beautiful photos.really impressed with them.We will have to print some off, especially the one of the sunset.

  3. themanitou says:

    Great pics and videos, Stevie! I’m glad you made it all right after a troubled start. Will be checking back regularly to see what you’ve been up to 🙂 Cheers, -Josh

  4. George,George... says:

    Sunsets and sunsrises are one of my favorite things to see
    when in the desert (CA, NV, AZ, NM). Incredible colors and
    cloud formations. There is also a sense of peace & calm which
    I haven’t found anywhere else. Glad you’re enjoying, Stevie !
    Do I see a move to AZ in the future ?

    • stevie says:

      Yeah – They’re spectacular out here Photos really don’t do the sunsets justice. Until U’ve seen them with U’re own eyes, etc… And no on the move, but I suspect I’ll be visiting quite a bit. It’s a amazing place, with some fantastic people here too.

  5. bill hollweg says:

    LOve the PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. George,George... says:

    Ay Stevie, I know what you mean – You really have to experience
    the beauty of the desert rather than only see it from pictures.

    Maybe next time, take in the Grand Canyon (by mule ?) and the Painted
    Desert. Incredible places ! Glad you’re having fun, mate.

    • stevie says:

      Hiya George,

      Yeah – Photos really don’t do the sunsets out here justice. I think I skipped a heartbeat several times.

      We’re taking in the Grand Canyon, later in my trip M80,

      • Stacy says:

        Congrats to everyone who wekord on EFNY, you definately deserve the Award, I really enjoyed listening to the series and sincerely hope that it will continue at some point, hopefully soon!Thank you for all your excellent work, I am looking forward to working my way through your entire cateloge!

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