Somewhere… off the highway, past the lightning struck tree that looks like a screaming face in the shadows, in the lee of the dark hills, on the edge of the endless desert, not far from the lake where the locals don’t swim, across town where no one lives since the factory closed…there you will find an old movie theatre.
The posters are faded and the doors are boarded up. The concession stand is filled with cobwebs and the soda fountain’s are dry. They don’t play the Hollywood blockbusters here any more.

But you can still come on in and catch a show. Any time around midnight. Any time you dare yourself to see what’s showing tonight at The Twilight Theatre.

BrokenSea Audio Productions is pleased to announce Twilight Theatre, an audio drama anthology series of the weird and macabre. Featuring the works of some of the worlds greatest authors of strange fiction.

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