The X-Files Quantum Ep1 pt3

The cows are singing, the fires are burning and our agents are being driven down a path that even they are unaware of. Are there any questions to be found on Graves Mountain? What is to become of Agent Cooper?

The Cast:
Bill Hollweg as Everett Johnson
Damon Fries as Sheriff Kyle
Paul Mannering as Clark
Steven Jay Cohen as Eddie Gliding Eagle
Julie Hoverson Gladys Sharpe
Mark Kalita as Deputy Dandon
Laura Frechette as Lilly McGraw
M Sieiro Garcia as the Doctor
Melissa Johnson as the Nurse
Shanon Hilche as the Coffee Vendor

and starring :
David Sobkowiak as Agent Dean
Kathera Pelodi as Agent Cooper

Music includes selected pieces by:
Mark Snow

This is a Fan Fiction podcast and all rights remain the property of their respective owners.
Brokensea provides all audio podcasts free of charge and no copyright infringement is intended.
This has been a BrokenSea Audio Production.

The following Audio Drama is rated PG-13 (Persons Younger than 13 Should be Accompanied by an Adult). For more info:

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