When I first approached the team with an X-Files concept, it was to mixed reviews. As this is my sophomore outing as a writer for BrokenSea, the idea that I would pen an entire seasons worth of shows for a new series was in my mind a very tall order, and while they were all wonderful enough to hide it, I think the rest of the Exec Team (Paul, Damaris, Mak, Steven and Bill) felt the same.

I had originally attempted to have the first audio release of BrokenSea – The X-Files correspond to the theatrical release of the newest movie in the franchise and then, failing that, I had hoped for a release to match the DVD release of the video in stores.

As you can see it is now January 2009, and we have not yet had a release. This by no means should be taken as a lapse in interest for the show on my part. We have an entire seasons worth of episodes, and episode 1 should be ready for release in early February. My own writing and casting and production are at fault for the delays and I hope that the end result is worth the redo of several of the productions early sequences. The X-Files was/is a very visual show and authoring such a show for an audio medium was something I needed to wrap my brain around. I also needed to record several new audio clips for sound effects.

So, as this is the first notice for many visitors that we will be producing an X-Files series, I hope you’ll add us to your pod-catcher and come back in early February to hear what we have in store. For all of you who have been waiting, while the waiting may not be done, you’ll soon be rewarded.

David Sobkowiak

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The following Audio Drama is rated PG-13 (Persons Younger than 13 Should be Accompanied by an Adult). For more info:

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