Voice Over by Norman Spinrad

Voice Over by Norman Spinrad

“Voice of the People” – The only Radio Phone-in Show with a National 0800 Number Satellite Link for the Entire United States …

Mark Kalita as Bobby Edwards
Elie Herschman as The Announcer, 3rd Caller, Electronic Voice, Daffy Duck, JFK, Groucho Marks, and Ma Bell
Chip Joel as Mr. Spock, Porky Pig, Rod Serling, Orson Wells, and Burt Parks
Doug Manllen as 2nd Caller and The Director

Podsafe Music:-
Scott Shannon From PodsafeAudio.com

Written by Norman Spinrad

Directed by Mark Kalita

Post Production by Paul Mannering

This show is rated PG-13 for parental guidance 13. For more info:

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