The Strange Fate of Matthew Hornblower

Written By Paul Mannering and mixed by Bill Hollweg

They say that all life came from the oceans… But, as the residents of Aberdeen Massachusetts are about to discover, when a mysterious and beautiful woman arrives in the New England fishing town it’s not just hearts that will be broken and some fish should be thrown back….

Starring in tonight’s dark tale are:

Joe Stofko – Doc Baker
Mat Weller – Gus
Bruce Busby – Davie
Jeff Billard – Mat Hornblower
Draven Schoberg – Mermaid
Chris Barnes as your host: “The USHER”

And playing on Doc’s car radio:

Dark Fantasy: The Thing from the Sea

And: Jake Sampson on the Radio taken from Hyborian Gate episode # 5 at BrokenSea

While also playing on Doc’s car radio:
The CBS Radio Mystery Theatre revision mix…
E.G. Marshall- played by his evil Twin with “Bells”

Music by:

Music By Howl-O at Mat’s Bar!

Celestial Aeon

Music from CBS Radio Mystery Theatre

Peter Wicks of Westlake Films

Thank you again for listening. This has been a BrokenSea Production.

This show is rated PG-13 for parental guidance 13. For more info:

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