The Robot With A Human Brain vs The Insidious Octopoids

From the cold depths of space he returns… The Robot With a Human Brain! Now facing his greatest challenge yet! The Insidious Octopoids! Reaching across the vastness of time, they seek to drown our world in a deluge of water from oceans primordial! Only the Robot With a Human Brain can save his beloved niece Diane and the entire world from a terrible fate!

Written and produced by Paul Mannering in Glorious Technicolor Stereo Sound!

Featuring the Voice Talent of :-
Robot With A Human Brain – David Alexander McDonald
Diane Delambre – Tiffany Braford
Professor Baum – Mark Kalita
General Orders – Gareth Bowley
Insidious Octopoid 1 – Michael Hudson
Insidious Octopoid 2 – Elaine Barrett
Octopoid Queen – Alexa Chipman
Higgins, George Dunsley – Eric Benson
Burton, Pilot – Paul Lavelle
Nichols – Paeter Fransden
Lane, Co-Pilot – Doug Manllen

Music By :-
Brian Bochicchio

NOTE: This show is rated PG for parental guidance. For more info:

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