The Mutant Monkey Master vs The Robot With A Human Brain

When laboratory assistant Jules Morgan is accidentally infected with a secret formula he becomes the terrifying Mutant Monkey Master! A being capable of controlling laboratory monkey’s minds! His first victim is
his mentor and friend Doctor Delambre. Near death, military surgeons transform Doctor Delambre into the living steel edifice that is The Robot With a Human Brain! Only he can now save the city and his beautiful niece Diane from a terrible fate!

Written by Paul Mannering
Produced by Colin Snow

Featuring the Voice Talent of :-
Delambre, X-17 – David Alexander McDonald
Lane, Control, Soldiers – Captain John Tadrzak
Morgan – Mark Kalita
Doug – David Ault
Nichols – Paeter Fransden
The General – Philip Moxley
The Corporal – James Leeper
The Librarian – Tiffany Braford

Music By :-
David Kraus

NOTE: This show is rated PG for parental guidance. For more info:

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